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fitman (36)

Apparently, the only hope for God's Own Party is the backlash:



Sex ed...





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EschewObfuscation (61)
A huge event of 2008from the standpoint of the precedent it sets, or rather continues.. This judicial legislation is illegal and unconstitutional. Go ahead. Celebrate these brainy eggheads on the California Supreme Court. I don't care about the right or wrong of the legal argument, this is the wrong way to accomplish your legislative goal, no matter how right you think the outcome is. Look how Roe v. Wade "settled" the abortion question, so many years ago. And anyone who rails about the rule of law should be conflicted by it. To not object to that is the ultimate hypocrisy.

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CanadaSucks (45)
Really more of a big deal to those who burn calories thinking of unconstitutional and false reasons to deny rights and legal standing to others who live different (different!) lives of sexual expression. A solid moral, legal, and constitutional decision that really isn't shocking at all- if you have eyes, ears, an education and a sense of history this case was a slam-dunk. So what's the 'real' story? Homophobic backlash. Queers want legal status- sorry rednecks, your secular Constitution (the one that doesn't metion God and was written during the secular Age of Reason by men who wanted to leave a theocracy) leaves no wiggle room to deny said rights. There is no story here- except how hard people will take the medicine that remedies the often uncomfortable scenario of truly living in a society that grants legal rights to citizens and couples in a consistent fashion.

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GenghisTheHun (168)
I always swore that psychics did not exist, but now I am proven wrong. This band of clairvoyant California jurists was able to look deep into the recesses of those poor mopes who hammered together the Constitution of California in 1850, and say, "You know, by golly, those pioneers really wanted couples who use their lower digestive tract as a sex organ to get married. We just sluethed it out in that august document."

Hilarious. This is the exact opposite of democracy at work. No wonder the court system is held in such low esteem!

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magellan (153)
It always bums me out to see political effort being expended to deny equal protection under the law to certain individuals. Nowhere is this more apparent in the gay marriage debate. There are legal protections awarded stable heterosexual couples that aren't awarded stable homosexual couples.

This sort of denial of rights agenda can range from the mean - denying gay partners hospital visitation rights - to the downright self destuctive - booting arabic speaking soldiers out of the military because they're gay. And there's a longer term destructive impact here as well - there's a reason that the State promotes and subsidizes marriage. Stable, long term relationships are good for society as a whole. These folks tend to buy homes, be active in their communities, and take ownership for their neighborhoods more than single people.

If you accept that some people are gay (and how can you not?), it is unethical to try and deny equal protection under the law to gay couples. If you are expending political capital to try and deny rights from tax paying Americans, you will be on the wrong side of history. I promise you.

I'm glad the California Supreme Court got this right.

  (2 voted this helpful, 2 funny and 0 agree)
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