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Katyn Woods
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irishgit (155)

A very moving place, although it doesn't have the visceral gut-wrenching impact of the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial.

Which is no criticism, since there is thankfully no way to match the horror of seeing the actual instruments of genocide in their original setting.

To my mind the most moving and important element of the Holocaust memorial museum is the vast collection of photographs. Nowhere is what has been described as the "banality of evil" more coldly clear.

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edt4 (114)
I was here about 10 years ago and I have to say it was my most memorable experience in a very memorable city. I had thought I was pretty familiar with the whole tragic history of Nazism and the Holocaust, but I really wasn't; I could have spent days in this place rather than hours and still not grasped the numbing enormity of it all. I have to echo Ridge's sentiments: what real meaning can the expression "Never again" have when we've had so many, many holocausts in the 60+ years since the end of World War II...in Africa, in Asia, in the Balkans, etc. etc.? I try in my own way to be an optimist in life, and I like to believe there's good in every human being, but when you see the empirical evidence of the atrocities that human beings are capable of inflicting on other human beings...both large and small scale atrocities...it's enough to make you despair sometimes.

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