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louiethe20th (78)
You do not borrow from it to supposedly pay down the deficit (Clinton era), You get able workers off the system and put them to work, you allow individuals, who so choose, to invest 10% as they see fit and you raise the amount of work credits needed to qualify for benefits.

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XAgent (30)
A little restructuring of the cap might help.

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cantrell4 (4)
The congress can set aside funds for weapons,and all sort of pork barrel activities,surely the people of this country who work and pay taxes deserve a future without anxiety over their retirement.I recommend yearly rebate accounts for workers to keep social security solvent.

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lmorovan (18)
Just like the IRS is offering monetary incentives to those who report abuse of the tax laws, the SS should reward those who report people who falsify documents in order to draw beneefits that they are not entitled to. Also, establish an age bracket for the contributions to IRA accounts, like, the younger, the less you can put aside, the older the more. "fitman's" suggestion is also a good one.

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Donovan (137)
Raise the eligibility age to 115 years of age so no one will draw it (I'm kidding).

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MariusQelDroma (36)

Fitman knows something here. If the feds would pull the cap off of FICA so everyone regardless of their income pays into the system at the same percentage, Social Security would stay solvent indefinitely. Besides, the whole point of the system is for the haves to help out the have-nots, not continue to stand on their necks...

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fitman (52)
Abolish the cap on contributions.

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