CigArrest has a decent to great success rate for those who have the willpower, patience and bank account ...
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Item added by tylerkillzit. Added on 04/08/2008
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CigArrest 5

I loved CigArrest, I have read a lot of complaints about the program, but it clearly states on the second order page where you enter payment information all the rules of the program. It worked for me, I used it for 60 days and returned what was left and was never charged again.

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CigArrest 1

You read the website and it's a FREE 30 day supply for the cost of 6.95 for S&H.; then you recieve the product (which I found totally inaffective)
and they have sent you a 90 day supply(the only size they have) and now they are hittng your credit card a month later for 99.85 talk about a scam ..hidden cost ..sad to say it seems that the only way alot of these corporations think they can make money any more is to sneak in through the back door of your wallet!!!

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