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Overall Rating:3.91 based on 11 ratings
Doubt can work for us or work against us. Negatively speaking, doubt can make us cynical and keep us from discovering the truth. On the positive side, doubt can motivate us to dig deep and uncover that which will confirm truths long believed but lately questioned. (Add picture)

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Loerke (42)

Doubt underlies most of the thinking that interests me. Somewhere in the Reformation the Protestants figured out that doubt and anxiety are not bugaboos, but the most honest form of thinking. As Emily Dickinson summarized the tradition, "Faith is Doubt": that is, we get to faith by abandoning certainties and striving for truth. Not that the Protestants have a monopoly on the subject; I am indifferent to most religious questions but find doubt a good starting point for dealing with genuine sources of perplexity in any part of my life.

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cyclee (15)
Not to sound conceited or anything, but there's got to be a time when we need to stop doubting and start living. While you may not always trust everyone around you, then the best you can do is not to doubt yourself. Trust yourself to make that well-researched decision, then go to sleep feeling you've done your best.

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DrEntropy (34)

"The public, with its mob yearning to be instructed, edified and pulled by the nose, demands certainties; it must be told definitely and a bit raucously that this is true and that is false. But there are no certainties, only probabilities."

-H.L. Mencken

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trebon1038 (61)
I think it is human nature to doubt ourselves from time to time...keeps us on our toes

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Randyman (95)
Doubt stems from fear or perhaps it's the other way around. It's been my experience that doubt in ones life, comes from lack of preperation. An athelete that has doubt, real doubt, probably hasn't trained the way he should have, so he doubts his own capability. The same with a student taking a test, if he did his homework, he probably has more confidence. From a Christian perspective if you are on you deathbed, haven't prepared yourself, you might have good reason to have doubts.

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HistoryFan (96)
I think everyone has a problem with doubt. It's a natural human instinct.

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HomerSimpsonFamily300 (9)
Homer is always optimistic and must be optimistic. I may doubt, but at last I'm confident. Everything that, I ask from God always come true. I tried this many times, and it worked. A prove that God listens, and zoom out our minds to make sure what we say is in accord with self-esteem.

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Donovan (125)
If you need proof you may be trying to understand something supernatural but your mind nor mine can completely do this. I understand your frustration in wanting proof for everything; even Thomas who personally knew Jesus always wanted proof. Many things in the Bible are accepted by Christians with Faith knowing that he is God not us. I have seen miracles, but I cannot prove them to you because you may doubt me as well. I pray that you will someday find what you are searching for and that, believe it or not... is a revelation of God in your life.

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numbah16tdhaha (144)
So Imorovan wanted me to rate his list. Not sure why, but here I am. Doubt. You know, numbah had alot of doubt as a kid. I was convinced that there wasn't alot I could do. Then when I was about 20 I decided I wanted something that evertbody told me I couldn't do. "But Mike, the Marines are hard..." Blah, I say, for I AM HARD. "Whyman, you'll never see Corporal..." Blah, did that too and I'm sure alot people were pissed when I did it. Doubt? Its a waste...

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TeresaG (30)
This is not an issue for me. First of all, I will never doubt the fact that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and that I will one day go to Heaven. Secondly, although I am given free will, my path is set before me by God. I do not doubt, I just do it. I may REGRET doing things I've done, but that does not equate to doubt.

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lmorovan (9)
I believe I have reached or are very close to reach the positive side of this problem, especially as I tend to make every effort to get it out of my life.

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