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Overall Rating:3.00 based on 6 ratings
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Seeing a shop lifter getting plastered by Asset Pr
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Molfan (57)
Have not encountered too many rude customers, I have come across a few. some act like they are the only ones shopping and think nothing of crowding me out of the way if they want to be in same place. you know they do it on purpose because they are making a point of ignoring you when they shove their way in. Depending on what kind of mood I am in I will hold my ground and make it clear "go on try and shove me" or move on and think take the spot assho** you are not worth it.lucky that is not too often. but there are a share of rude customers there. or those who go to the ten item or less and make the cashier check out 50 items and make it clear they will throw a tantrum if you tell them no. those same persons would throw a fit if someone did the same to them.

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pugwash01 (15)

I think we have all been rude at a stage of our lives. What matter is, if we have matured enough to realize that normally, our rudeness derives from what we think we are owed in life!

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Wiseguy (35)
Free dental checkup on isle 100!

Where did everyone go?

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FranksWildYears (48)
C'mon boys, next stop our weekly Nation of Islam meeting.

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oscargamblesfro (76)
Especially the time when irishgit, canadasucks, magellan, and myself were outside bothering patrons and protesting against Christians at one in Decatur, Illinois... but it's not our fault, Franks Wild Years MADE us do it...

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