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lmorovan (12)
Believing in God is a relative term until you specify which god you believe in. The demons believe in God and they tremble. Talk to me about believing in the God of the Bible, In Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and in the Holy Spirit as the Comforter who dwells within you. I wish I didn't have to rate myself and beeing misinterpreted. But I am proud of being a Christian, follower of Jesus Christand filled by the Holy Spirit. Update and Warning: It seems that fitman has managed to get access to my account and to view all of my votes. I wonder how he did it and whether he did it alone or had some help. Update 2: I was officially warned not to use the "funny" votes when rating reviews. I will comply, as a matter of fact, I will refuse to vote in any manner, just in case, except the reviews of the member that are on my trusted list. Likewise, I will refrain from commenting or answering any comments, except, again, the ones of my trusted friends. Perhaps this will stop the pestering and attacks. Hopefully. Even so, I believe in God and love Him with all my heart.

This goes to all RateItAll members:

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numbah16tdhaha (147)

Si, and he's REALLY scared of Him...

UPDATE: If I may, good people of RIA, my review highlights both the belief and the thing that this fella probably needs to work on in regards to it. Does he believe? Si, so the above roast states. I guess the issue that many have taken is how that belief is broadcast to others and the... judgments too often contained in those broadcasts. I would encourage LM to consider some other viewpoints and lay off a bit when people differ with him on theology. If this can happen I'd be encouraged.

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DynaSword11252 (26)
Lmorovan is persecuting himself, I mean, he's concocted so much false garbage up, and he believes his own lies, I never had a problem with him until he started this false concoction, and claiming he is doing the great commission, *yawns*..........

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Wiseguy (35)
The helpful totals for those at the bottom of the top 100 are being jacked up by other reviewers who don't like you, It's not something I would do but they are free to do it. Funny... you failed to speak on behalf of the other people who were approaching the top 100, they are being penalized as well. So it is true, all you care about is yourself and helpfuls. You write at RIA for all the wrong reasons. You are indeed a sad mis-guided individual.

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pugwash01 (15)

I feel that he does believe in God and has a faith in Christ. But that doesnt mean I necessary agree with how he conducts himself on RIA. But we must all remember that all of us are at different levels be it Spiritually or otherwise. I know I'm accountable to God and he will convict me. Although hard sometimes, it is better not to comment on some of his writings and let the God do His work. I believe that is one thing Imorovan and I would agree on. Christians are not perfect and sometimes we need to re-think our own actions through Christ!! Hey I know I've written things that I had to re-think about too!!! Hint, it is usually when I put a update or a comment!

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edt4 (99)
The question is: does God (or god) believe in him?

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fitman (36)
Who's persecuting lmorovan? And why?


For his attack on fellow Christians, I'm deducting 1 star.


It's "RIA Reviewers WHO believe in God"

Doesn't anyone speak English anymore?

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Donovan (129)
UPDATE: LM loves the Lord. As he seeks God for direction (as we all should), I pray for God's blessings on him and his family.

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irishgit (138)

I think I'm finally clear on this.

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FranksWildYears (48)
If you say so. I sure don't get much of a sense of it from his reviews.

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LadyJesusFan777 (33)
Has a very strong faith in Jesus Christ, and never backs away from what he believes. God bless you, lmorovan.

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MissPackRat4Jesus (38)
Very bold spokesperson for Jesus.

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oscargamblesfro (76)

That's imorovan in the middle on the left and at far right...Sorry, just couldn't resist, and had to do the joke again....Oh no question a 5 star rating for this category....

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TeresaG (29)
Well, this one was pretty simple ~ hopefully meaning that 5 stars has convinced me that they believe in God.

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