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987MB 5

Lots of features and low cost. I could not ask for anymore from a web hosting company. Would definately recommend these guys.

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987MB 5

As of 17th December 2010 - is now one of the most reliable web hosting companies within the UK that offers free domain names, free advertising credit, website builder and live support from only £1.99/month. One-click script installer allows any member to launch a forum, blog, photo gallery or ecommerce website for online business.

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987MB 5

Been with for over 6 months now and im very pleased with the service provided. Im even more happy that i get a free domain name registration every year too. I have not needed much support, but when i do, the live chat offers virtually instant support which is the best i have seen. Thanks again 987mb for this level of service.

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987MB 5

Very helpful & polite customer service. I had problems installing my website but admin did all the hard work for me. Fantastic UK hosting company.

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987MB 1

This rating is in regard to their premium service: They advertise unlimited space and bandwidth, however apparently this is not the case. The following is an accountability for my experiences with these people. I was using the website for a personal eventually family site. I was uploading many pictures to my gallery (PS I have Gigabytes of pictures). I came home one day to find my site down (403 forbidden error code). I posted a message on the forums about it and they replied saying my account had been suspended because they received a "server attack". They unsuspended my account and I continued to do what I was doing. Developing my site, uploading pictures, etc. A couple weeks later, my website went down again. I posted a reply in the same thread on the forums regarding my site being down. Later I found my thread had been deleted and they sent me a private message saying my site had been removed and to stop my paypal subcription. Their premium is cheap 2.99 per month, so if they had limitations I would have been happy to oblige; however, I never saw any asterisk next to their so-called "unlimited" bandwidth and storage claims as you can view here: What I am most upset and displeased about with regard to these people is the fact that I never received any notification about what was going on with my website. They just turned it off and waited for me to say, "hey whats up". Don't I deserve an email saying, "hey, thanks for subscribing to our services, but you need to stop doing xxx..." outlining what was appropriate and what was not appropriate. I suppose this kind of immaturity, and unprofessionalism is commonplace in this type of business and you'll see it with these people. IMHO, if you want premium hosting go with a reputable service like hostgator.

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987MB 3

Not bad. They give you 40GB of space, 5 MySQL databases, and application installs. My biggest complaint is of the management of 987MB. Apparently, the ownership of the site was changed. The new owner decided to put a big ugly banner ad under your page. You can pay $10 to have it removed for life. However, when I paid, the ads came back about a week after. I'm currently trying to work it out with the administrator, who does not seem to have a clue about customer experience. Hey, at least it's free.

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987MB 4

* Web space: 21 GB
* Bandwith: 301 GB
* Scripting and Databases: PHP5, mySQL, phpMyAdmin
* Upload: FTP and Browser
* Pre-installed scripts
* Editor: Advanced, Basic, WYSIWYG
* cPanel
* Live web statistics Awstats
* Parked domain or sub-domain
* No forced ads
* Your ads: Allowed

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