TracFone Wireless Inc. is the largest prepaid cell phone provider in the U.S.
Added on 02/27/2008
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I was a Tracfone user for 3 years.Tracfone has great coverage, decent phones and extremely poor customer service. I can't help but to laugh (sorry people) when I hear people talk about non english speaking people in their service dept. I have delt with that for years. Anyway I switched to Net 10 and now Virgin Mobile. The reason why is the price. Look at these comparisons for the cheapest "minutes" available for each. with Tracfone $20 gets you: 60 mins. if you have double mins. then 120 with net 10-$30 gets you: 300 mins. with Virgin Mobile $20 gets you: 200 mins. However, with VM $30= 400 mins. $50= 1000 mins. The only catch is you have to add a minimum of $20 monthly but the minutes do rollover. If you have a standard Tracfone $100 will only get you 400 mins. For $60 Net 10 will give you 600 mins. You do the math.

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patrickbraelin n

TracFone 5

Tracfone is awesome!! i called the saying i didnot recieve my minutes from a card(but i did) and they gave me the minutes!!!(i have double minutes

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TracFone 1

Tracfone has the worst "Customer Service" I have ever dealt with. Sure they have nice phones, but what good is the phone if you are getting ripped off when you attempt to get what you pay for?. I had a Tracfone Motorola W376 which came with "Double Minutes for life". I then bought a new identical phone also with the same packaging stating double minutes for life. I called Tracfone advising I wanted to transfer my current telephone number and minutes to the new phone. All I needed to do was to transfer the sim card from the previous phone to the new phone. Tracfone told me they would send me a new sim card for the previous phone and I would need to call to reactivate the previous phone when I receive the new sim card. When I received the new sim card, I called Tracfone and activated the phone. I noticed that I did not receive the double minutes so I called back. I was advised it would take up to 24 hours for the double minutes to show. A week later, still no double minutes. I called Customer Service again. Their reasoning I did not receive the double minutes defies logic. I believe Tracfone's Customer Service is in India, therefore, they are trained very well to repeat the same thing over and over but not able to step out of the box and think about what the Customer's issue is. I received an email stating my phone did not come with a Double Minute promotion. This phone is very common in Target and Walmart and the packaging on all of them advertises that it comes with double minutes for life. Also, Tracfone stated in their email that their web promotions differ from store promotions. I find this to be an interesting reply as I didn't order anything from their website. I dealt with them strictly by phone. Tracfone will come up with any lame excuse to get away with ripping off customers. I regret buying their phones. Please read all the negative reviews and do yourself a favor and do not get a Tracfone!.

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LadyJesusFan77 7

TracFone 3

I use TracFone because it is the best service that fits my needs. The only thing I don't like about it is that you have to buy another airtime card within 90 days or you lose your number and minutes, and that is a bad drawback.

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TracFone 1

I purchased a TracFone along with a 60 minute card. Within 15 days the phone quit working so I took it back to the store where I had bought it. They replaced it. I called TracFone customer service to get everything transferred to the replacement phone. At first they would not transfer my unused minutes but when I got "in their face" in outrage they said they would give me my minutes back. I went thru a lengthly process over the phone and was told to wait 15 minutes for the transfer to show up on the replacement phone. 2.5 hours later I called back and had to go thru the same lengthly process again. This time I was told it could take up to 72 hours. 4 days later I called back and spent about 2.5 hours on the phone going round and round over this matter. They finally said that they would not give me my unused minutes back. I was furious and told them what I thought. This is no way to treat customers. I told them to deactivate the phone as I was taking it back for a refund and that they could bet I would be doing all I could to enlighten others as to how they treat their customers. I later emailed TracFone about this matter to give them another opportunity to do the right thing by me. That got me nowhere so now I am keeping my word to them. I want others to know how they treat their customers. I have been reading online reviews of TracFone and nearly all of them say the same thing ... customer service is terrible. I regret that I didn't check the reviews before making the decision to buy their product and service. Don't make the mistake of doing so.

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TracFone 1

Buyers beware.... Worst Service Ever!!!!!

I am on my third TracFone...

I had purchased this phone via their website. The first phone that I had received ... did not work. So after being on the phone with them 1 1/2 hours... the decided that they would replace me with a another one... which was refurbished!

Guess what? This one did not work either! Then they decided ...after a little over 2 hours on the phone with them... the decided to mail me a third... And surprise... this one does not work either! After being on the phone with them for a little over a 1/2 hour with them today, they told me that I would not get my money back and I will not get another exchange.

So here I am out over $50, over 3 hours of my time and I do not have a phone... As for my 2 cents... stay away from this train wreck!

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TracFone 1

TRACFONE is THE worst company to deal with. To date, I have yet to talk to anyone in the U.S., with people with very difficult accents to understand in countries in South America, Phillippines, and elsewhere. They just do not understand not comprehend what I am trying to tell them. I ask to speak to someone in the U.S. in Miami (their HQ), and am just told to keep caling the 800 number. I have wasted more than 40 hours of my time, now, never getting an American whom I can talk to and who will understand me.

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tranquilgarden s

TracFone 4

TracFone is a prepaid mobil phone provider and in my opinion the least expensive way to have mobil phone service. I am the type of person that doesn't really care much about mobil phones so please take that into consideration while you read my review. I only have a mobil phone for emergency use and don't care what it looks like or what options it has. All I want is something I can make and receive a call on if I absolutely have to.

Now with that said, I am very happy with TracFone. I got my husband a TracFone about 8-9 years ago and I have had one for about 3 years. This is the only mobil phone service I have ever used so I can't compare TracFone to the other providers. However, the reason I went with TracFone in the first place was because it was the least expensive option to have a mobil phone.

For $129.99 and sales tax I received a Motorola camera phone with carrying case, AC charger and car charger, 600 minutes, and 1 year or service. As I said before I don't talk much on my phone so I just buy an airtime card and service once per year and that is all I have to worry about with my, and my Hubby's TracFones.

You can go online at the TracFone website and purchase airtime and service or you can purchase it directly through your mobile phone. You can also buy airtime cards at many retailers to add airtime and service time to your phone.

You can get one year of service and about 400 minutes for $99.99. I think this is a very inexpensive way to have mobile phone service. If you don't want to pay that much at once you can buy lesser units such as 60 Minutes and 90 Days of Service for $19.99.

As far as reception and service areas and all that, we seem to have about the same luck as our friends who have such providers as AT&T; and Cingular.

I have had to call customer service a time or two and it was a little nightmare-ish to say the least. But aren't most all customer service calls? For some reason Hubby's service was messed up and I had to call and get that all straightened out. They fixed the problem with the service but he also ended up with a new phone number for no reason at all. This was 5-6 years ago and we have had no problems at all since then though.

If you are the type of person who just wants a very basic mobil phone without paying a fortune you really should check out TracFone.

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