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Overall Rating: 4.50 based on 74 ratings
ItemImageFounded by William the Conqueror, the White Tower was completed in 1100. Since then the Tower of London has been expanded to what it is today between the 12th and 15th Centuries. It was England's most notorious prison where many people spent their last night - including royalty. Also famous for housing the Crown Jewels.

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CanadaSucks (42)
Ahh. . .like much of historical London, it's very photogenic. . .the more of a history buff you are the more you'll be satisfied about a quick visit. . .
annalouise (5)
Definately worth a visit.It is expensive and the lines can be long to see the crown jewels.But,the historical attraction of the place is great.
zuchinibut (33)
The Tower of London was a great place to visit in London. There is so much history revolving around the place, and there are plenty of things to see that will interest everyone. It is also very wide open on the grounds, and I didn't feel rushed or cramped like in many museums. This would definitely top my list of things to see in London if I had to reccomend anything to visitors.
willow37 (0)
i visited the tower of london in 1987 and i had a good time. there is so much history to this place, especially the story about the two princes locked in the tower. the crown jewels are a must to see, they are amazing. the beefeaters are interesting and don't forget the famous ravens.
Daccory (15)
Once dominating the skyline, this imposing building summed up much of London's history. It looks strangely out of place now as it is being swamped by the new glass office buildings in proximity to it but it is definitely a great day out and St Katherine's dock and the Tower Bridge all fit in well with it.
Sundiszno (30)
I had been to London about half a dozen times before I visited the Tower - should have done it the first time I was there. Although in a sense it's not particularly spectacular, it is linked to so much in British history, and is so well presented (opportunity to speak with the Beefeaters was a high point for me), it's almost obligatory to visit it.
Loretta K (0)
London has and always will be my favorite place to visit. The Tower of London and Tower bridge are my favorite places to visit as well as the changing of the guard at Buckingham. They are all breath taking. Thank you, Loretta K Piketon, Ohio
no1riggie (0)
Well worth a visit. However, be prepared to queue!
Teaseress (12)
Went to see this last March and totally fell in love with it. It has so much history its unbelievable. The Tower of London is extremely easy to get to, and doesn't cost much to get to. If you are planning to go around a lot of London in one day, its advisable to get a 1 day travelcard for zones 1 and 2 which costs £4.10, you can use it on the buses as well. The tour with the Beefeater is very informative and entertaining. The rooms are magnificent and its very awe inspiring to see the jewels. So much gold in one room!
monet245 (0)
Do not go to London without seeing this attraction. It is bathed in history and the Crown Jewels are exceptional.
Elle (0)
okay, so here's the story I'm born in Sweden, a couple of countries away from England but what do they teach me on my history lessons yes that's right all about the tower of London and so there I am finally in London after three years and there's the tower herad so much about standing there not looking greater okey maybe bigger than any of the old faboulaus houses in my own hometown- such a turndown!
musicfan (0)
The Tower of London is a wonderful tour destination. It is easily to get to via underground. The Crown Jewels alone are worth the trip.
ASA1 (0)
The inside the complex, Tower of London, is really interesting and historic. One gets to see the Crown Jewels, and that is a great spectacle in itself. However, Tower of London is far away from other attractions in London. The cost to get into the Tower is astronomical, that is why I gave it a good, not a great rating.
Sher9636om (0)
Easy to get to by the underground subway. The chamber of the medevil tortures is cool, but freaky. Unbelievable jewels.
kaja9583om (0)
Fun! This is a super cool place to learn the history. I especially liked the crown jewels and the chopping block where Anne Bolayn was beheaded. Ravens were cool, too. The torture instruments displayed were a bit gory, but realistic.
dalt533om (0)
The crown jewels are interesting, but I was more impressed by the Beefeaters and those damn ravens.
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