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caphillsea77 (32)
Missouri is a very tough call. I have come across some die hard card carrying Republicans in the St. Louis area but there is also a strong base of blue collar workers here that feel the brunt of the American economy pretty strongly. Along with increased voter turnout particularly in the minoritry based population could give Obama an edge here however there is a very unwavering Rebulican base in this state so who knows? Missouri is the quintesential bellweather state, St. Louis being in the very center of the country has influences from East,West, North, and South. Some neighborhoods reminded me of Chicago, others looked like New Orleans, some suburbs looked like California. Missouri has a very mixed political base.

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kidicarus333 (8)
Missouri has always been a swing state. Recently it swung democratic with the election of senator Claire McCaskill, who already seems to be a rising star in the democratic party. If the swing can continue to turn the democrats way Missouri should be Barack's easily. Barack can accomplish this by choosing a vice-president that can connect with blue-collar workers.

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abichara (67)
if obama can turn out the black vote in st. louis and kansas city, he can win the state. but polls seem to indicate a slight mccain lead here. the southern part of the state, which is the 'bible belt' portion of missouri, will likely vote overwhelmingly for mccain. that should be enough to give the state to the gop.

missouri is a bellweather state. the person who wins this state usually wins the national election. in many respects it is a microcosm of the rest of the country. mccain leads it slightly, but it can really go either direction.

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Drummond (60)
I think this one will go to McCain despite the Illinois proximity element, although I expected it to go to Hillary Clinton. As always, it depends on turnout in St. Louis and local politics.

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