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GODly example

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BirdEgal202 (6)
One of the worst things culturally this world of ours has ever seen. Indigenous peoples in the tropical forrests of Brazil are not being saved their ancient cultures and traditions are being wiped into the trash bin to make way for western values. Even so, what wrongs have they done? Many missionaries bring viruses such as the common cold with them, and not able to take these sicknesses, entire tribes die out.1
Gentle Jude (25)
If all of us did this, it would be like the days of Acts where thousands of people got saved everyday. Plus this would make Christianity attractive because this world would see something different in us. They wouls see a group of people who loved each other, promoted peace and were always happy. Plus people are touched by love and goodness. If we were Godly, we would be very attractive to people. Although we are commanded to be perfect like our Heavenly Father, being Godly doesn't mean you are going to be perfect because we all make mistakes. The difference between a shallow Christian and a Godly Christian is when the Godly Christian makes a mistake, they will make peace and learn from their mistake as quick as possible where as the shallow Christian will probably not repent until God really has to prompt them, because they don't want to give up the thing which is making them feel good. I also think Donovan said it all.2
jirai (0)
Hahahaha...like going on a crusude and converting the heathens?0
helmut (16)
Donovan said it all.3
Donovan (96)
This is probably the best way to win others to Christ. Christians are often criticized for not being perfect. Making a mistake does not make you a hypocrite, it makes you human. Failure to learn from mistakes does truly show weakness in your walk with the Lord. I pray that God will help me to be a Godly example to those who witness my life. If I may make a suggestion to all those who believe there are too many hypocrites in the Christian faith, then they should take their eyes off the failures of man and put them on Jesus. Jesus has never and will never fail.1
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