Marmot Denali II

Added on 12/01/2003
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PoorOldEdgarDe rby

Marmot Denali II 5

Plain and simple Marmot just makes great stuff. I've had two of their jackets and they've both held up extremely well. They don't use Gortex for waterproofing their outdoor gear but their own version that they call "Membrane" technology which they say actually breathes more than Gortex because it expands and contracts according to your body temperature (who knows). Very nice thin design so it won't bulk up on you if you wear it while backpacking, and lightweight so you won't overheat. Air vent zips in all the key areas, reinforced shoulders so you're pack straps won't rub down the shell, a snow skirt for powder skiing, and a drop seat to keep your heiny dry. It's a great top layer!

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