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Femballer3 (0)   on 11/24/2000 11:07PM, said:

Great for hikers. Sturdy band and can come with a compass.

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sara7864om (0)   on 06/26/2000 11:05AM, said:

This watch is nice and very handy. It has a plethora of features from alarm to a compass. It's very helpful and Timex always makes a quality product. I love the indiglo at night to see. It's soft and effective.

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amyl6745om (0)   on 05/17/2000 4:18PM, said:

Good sturdy watch. I liked the functions for timing my workouts. The face tends to scratch when you fall off mountain bikes.

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ikki6654om (0)   on 05/15/2000 6:35PM, said:

The Timex watch has attractive band. The band is comfortable on my wrist when climbing, no rubbing at all. Very durable, works great even after hiting against things or dropping. Water-resistant level is excellent for the adventurous.

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