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abichara (60)
Bush was able to use the Beslan crisis as a demonstration to the American people that the War on Terrorism is indeed an international phenomenon that needs to be taken on. However both Bush and Russian President Putin have used the incidents as political props for their own gain. Russia's problem with terrorism stems from their refusal to grant the province of Chechnya sovereignty because of their oil reserves. Chechnians are Muslim, but the political situation is centered in Russia, so it's a stretch for Bush to try and glean anything from this, a horrible tragedy where 300 innocent kids died. Politics aside, there's no excuse at all for such brutality. Such violence only makes both parties dig deeper into their respective positions.

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EschewObfuscation (61)
Whoa, I'm glad I stumbled across this. In my opinion, there are many reasons for this tragedy, but I don't believe for a moment that Russia's eschewing participation in the US-led war on terror had anything to do with it. I'm not sure where you gleaned that viewpoint, magellan, but let me set the record straight. There never really is a clear-cut reason for any terrorist attack, at least not one which civilized people can understand and agree on. The Chechnyan rebels want independence from Russia, they are savagely violent terrorists and care nothing about the US, 9/11/01 or any other part of the world. Russia needs to maintain sovereignty over Chechnya because of the oil reserves there and revenue derived therefrom (among many other less important issues) which it desperately needs. There appear to be connections between these terrorists and al Qaeda regarding funding, tactics and training camps, but that's where it ends. The politicization of this horrific event was immediate in the US because of its savagery and the fact that we happen to be engaged in our own war against similarly despicable animals. My concern is the risk of not allocating sufficient attention and weaponry toward our own war against these types, as they have shown us what is in store for the US if the war against terror finds its way to our shores, again.

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magellan (153)
Just days after 300+ kids died in Beslan, we're already starting to see the politicization. Says the National Post's Diane Francis The Russian Crisis, beamed into American living rooms, not only justifies what George Bush has done to avenge and protect the United States and the world, but makes sending a message to future terrorists compelling... Voting Republican is the safest bet. On RateItAll, EO blames the Russian tragedy to Russia's 'abandonment of the war on terror, and hints that the same type of thing will happen to the US if his candidate of choice, George Bush, is not re-elected. What kind of campaign is this? Shouldn't we let the kids be buried first before politicizing their deaths??

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