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Danny Noriega(Final 16)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 1.67 based on 6 ratings
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ItemImageDanny Noriega is an eighteen year old from Azusa, California. He was eliminated after the round of 16 on March 6, 2008.

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zuchinibut (41)
I read an article that stated that Noriega was voted off because of homophobia. What? Clay Aiken anybody! How about you just weren't as good as you thought you were, and your act got old. He will be forgotten quickly like most other finalists who are voted off early.

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SpartanPride (20)
He kept on saying he was hot...

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illinoischic07 (0)
i think he's a joke, i liked his singing at first but that elvis performance was horrific. he's more of a girl then i am and that's scary, uses twice as many hair products too...

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X Factor Z (15)
A gay version of Sanjaya? He does seems like a cross beteen Sanjaya and Ian Bernardo. He is too erratic, sometimes he sounds really good and other times he bombs, like he did last year in Hollywood. A lot of potential but like Sundance, may not get it together enough to have an impact.

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