Marges Amoco Food Shops

Marges Amoco Food Shops
735 E Washington Ave
Madison ,  WI   53703-2933
United States
Phone: (608) 255-2486
Added on 02/18/2008
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Marges Amoco Food Shops 1

On 7/3/09, I pulled into the BP Amoco gas station on 735 E. Washington Ave to fill-up. The posted price on the main sign was for the basic (87) gas. I will sometimes purchase the 89, which I did on this day. Expecting a 10-15 cent higher price for the 89 option (not unlike every other gas station, including other BP Amoco stations) I was surprised to learn that I just paid $3.15 for the 89, or a 72 cent difference from the 87. I was told that the price was posted at the pump, and it was, so being a “buyer beware” believer, I accept the blame and I am not suggesting a financial reimbursement. I just think that people should be aware when businesses are not operating in a respectable manner. The practice may not be illegal, but it does not make it right. It is now the end of August, and every time I fill up I have checked the prices, and I have yet to find any other gas station where the price difference betweem 87 and 89 was more than 13 cents. The decision is up to you, but I certainly will never return to this station.

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