Cosgrove Construction Incorporated

Cosgrove Construction Incorporated
3705 Cosgrove Dr
Madison ,  WI   53719-4892
United States
Phone: (608) 274-1180
Added on 02/18/2008
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Cosgrove Construction Incorporated 5

Cosgrove COnstruction is a Construction Company for all types of Construction needs, but they specialize in the First and Second Time NEW Home Buyer's Homes. My Parents bought one of Don's houses almost 20 years ago and they haven't had a problem with ANY aspect of the Home or the Entire Neighborhood that Don mainly had built up on the East Side of Madison on His own. With my Parent's good luck, I decided to build a Home a couple years later, and I'm glad I did. At the time I decided to build he was in the process of building a Neighborhood again mainly on his own on the SouthWest side of Madison. I lived in that house for about 8 years without one single issue, other than all that Darn snow during the Winter of 1998-1999 ;) With the neighborhood again being in such a desirable area, I sold it for a Moderate profit only to turn around and build another one a few blocks down from the previous one. Never had an issue with that one as well. Needless to say I haven't had a lick of problems with either of my two homes I've owned, and the areas he selects to build in turn out to become some of the most desirable for moderate priced homes and neighborhoods in the City. Afforability 5 of 5. Value 5 of 5. Neighborhoods 5 of 5. Resale Rates 5 of 5. Overall I give the Owner, Don, and all of the long lasting Sub-Contractors he uses a 5 out of 5. He makes the OVERALL Home building process as stress free for the buyer as absolutly possible, and basically exciting again. He's an asset to the Area so if you're in the market to buy an existing or building a custom home, look at a Custom building project first, because with Cosgrove Construction if there's a Will there's a Way. Building a Custom with Cosgrove isn't as expensive as you think it might be. Quite often it's just as inexpensive as buying someone else's home from them, so why not build your own, your own way?

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