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925 days ago

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Kaiser and the office where I received the service.

To Whom it may concern.

I would like to express how upset I am at my first and last (to date) visit to the clinic in Evergreen, CO. I came in Friday 4-29-2011 with a sore throat. I was seen in a timely manor. Being a new patient the nurse advised me that I needed to set up an appointment and choose a Primary Care Physician. I was informed that they could take care of that right away. I made it abundantly clear that I did not want to do it at that time. I was hesitant to do it at all not seeing the need. While being examined she was insistent on the fact that I needed it done. I conceded that maybe I should but that now was not a good time and I could come back later in the day or set an appointment for next week. As the examination went on she repeated how important it was for me to see a Primary Care Physician. The Primary Care Physician could explain the lab work that was in my file.Work that I had gotten done for my Dermatologist. Again I repeted now was not a good time I had somewhere to be. She took a swab of my throat and said she would be right back. Some 20 min later she stuck her head in and told me that the doctor would be in in a few min. My thought was why am I seeing a doctor for a nurse visit? When the Doctor came in she started to go over the tests I had in my file.Tests had nothing to do with why I was there at the time. I explained that I was now short on time and had hoped this was to be over soon. She then started to examine me. As she did she joked that "bet it feels like you are being forced to see a doctor." I told her YES it did. She told me that the nurse was concerned for me. After the examination the doctor told me the short test had concluded I did not have Strep and my throat was sore. She did not give me a prescription for anything, nor did she tell me that they do not give out antibiotics for this. She in fact did not give me any advice at all! Just sent me on my way after almost 2 hours in your office.

Your nurse, while thinking she was acting in my best behalf was NOT! I DO NOT need a another mother. She WASTED my time! The doctor that I did not need to see did nothing for me and again wasted my time! I am furious that I spent almost 2 hours in your clinic and only got hassled, nothing productive happened! MY TIME WAS WASTED! What am I paying for? I was assessed a Co-Pay, I will not pay it! I would like your help to have it removed from my file.

I have been a new patient for almost 5 months this is the second doctor I have seen. So far I have had a problem at every turn when I have dealt with your company. When I set up my online access, when I set the appointment for my dermatologist, when I faxed records to your records department, when I faxed records directly to my doctor, having the first of 2 prescriptions filled, Still having problems with the second prescription and now this. You have lost this customer, You have bought bad word of mouth. We have a choice at my company of providers, I will be steering people away from your company. This letter will be sent to my Union my Company as well as published on the internet.

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