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974 days ago

I got Street Horrrsing when it came out and listened to it a fair bit, so I decided to see these guys play in Phoenix a few weeks ago. Only about 50 people showed up, but this was the loudest concert I have been to in 20 years, and perhaps ever. The music was so loud that my coins and keys were jingling in my pockets as I stood in front of the stage. But they play the sort of music that it is just pointless to listen to at low volumes.

The music they make is experimental electronic soundscapes, which they play on a multitude of electronic gadgets, including what looked like a preschooler karaoke toy with a big plastic mike, as well as tiny keyboards. So from these deceptively small instruments, they make big pulsating torrents of sound that totally overwhelm you.

So it is noisy, yes, but it is also uplifting stuff. It reminded me of Sigur Ros in the way that the tracks have a sweeping upward element to them. They carry you with them and they seem hopeful and optimistic. It is noise music, but it is not negative. It is feel-good noise music. There are no lyrics, so I am just going by the effect the music had on me. Also they are so intensely focused and into what they are doing, that it rubs off on you aswell. I was exhilerated at the end, but my head was ringing.

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984 days ago

If you like your acid house served up hot, bubbling and squelchy like grandma used to make it, then look no further than this German duo, best known for the track Acperience 1, which was something of an anthem in the 1990s.

They are recognized virtuosos of the TB303 synthesizer, which is the signature instrument of acid house. Their music has an easy confidence to it. It tends to start with a beguilingly simple riff that begins to twitch under your skin, nothing too flashy - they have time. Then they slowly layer it, make it denser and deeper, taking you with it, until you find yourself reaching a climax where you feel it cannot go any further, and then it glides you over a plateau for a while and you find yourself at a new point, still moving in a slightly changed landscape. Great music for running. Really really good for running. I have run my best times listening to Hardfloor.

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984 days ago

I watched this, in spite of finding the first film dreadful, for two reasons:

(1) My kids wanted to see it
(2) Having seen Twilight, I could not understand why such a dull, flat character as Bella was such a draw.

So, what is the attraction in Bella? She has no interest in music, no exhibited interest in any hobbies, any books (except Romeo and Juliet), any people (except Edward), not even her family. Virtually every encounter that she has with anyone in both films is negative. Why would anybody be interested in what she does or think (does she even think about anything other than Edward?).

I spoke to my girls, and they told me that most of their friends were unhappy about the portrayal of Bella in the movie, that they had expected her to be different. But how did they expect her? Well, that all depended on the girl you spoke to. In spite of the fact that she was portrayed over several book, it seemed that each girl had drawn out their own picture of how she should be.

And that was the key that unlocked it for me - it seems that by portraying Bella as an empty vessel, without any distinguishable personality, likes or dislikes, the filmmakers allow any young girl to project herself into her role, as opposed to empathizing with the character that is being portrayed.

And once you have slipped into this lifeless husk, are walking around in Bella's skin, what does a girl get from it? The idea that your life is empty without your love interest. You have no personality, no colour without your love interest. Men are at their most exciting, their most essential when they are beasts (werewolf or vampire), and there is the titillating danger that you may be violated at any moment. But to be violated is the ultimate goal. To potentially lose your soul through the physical consummation of your love and destiny with this beast, to remain physically desirable, and live in a body that does not grow old. The theme of aging recurs in the film, as the most repellent thing that can happen to Bella.

These are bad messages for my kids. I don't care about them learning cusswords (they have learnt a few from me, I am sure, and perhaps even a few new ones during the movie), I am supportive of them learning about sex and reproduction. But what I don't want is for them to think that a body getting old (or, by extension, not meeting the beauty standard in some other way) means that you are undesirable and, by the logic implied in Twilight, therefore worthless, and as empty as a character sketch of Bella without Edward. I do not want them to think the ultimate destination in life is to be ravaged by a man, and in order to get there, they can sacrifice everything. This movie is like those alco-pops that they market for kids to get them drinking young. Watch out!

So, if this prompts you to watch the movie, then my sincere apologies in advance. It may be the worst film that I have seen in several years. Robert Pattinson is beyond wooden in his role, more like a zombie in his screen presence than a vampire. Kristen Stewart hairflips, tosses, turns, scowls her way through the film without delivering a single line that does not seem stilted and somehow embarrassed. And the rest of their cast lumber their way through the tedious script. Dull, Dull, Dull. Much too long (about 2 hours too long).

If you thought Twilight was bad, this is much worse. If you liked Twilight, well, this is longer.

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1169 days ago

Some good points as usual from Lance. People tend to get very emotional when the animals being abused are dogs. Most would think that eating a dog is utterly repellent, although they eat pigs, and would not give a second thought to the sort of misery inflicted on the pigs in their short lives before slaughter.

What distinguishes Vick is that, at some level, he did not make the culturally accepted distinction between what sort of animal killing is accepted (and I would not say 'rightful', Lance), and what is not.

Another point to note is that the killing of the animal (e.g. for food) and the abuse of the animal are very different things.

If you get beyond the thorny argument of whether or not we as humans are entitled to kill other animals to satisy our whims (non-essential clothing, non-essential food), the argument of whether or not we are allowed to torture animals is one where most people fall on the same side.

Michael Vick fell on the other side, and that is why he was imprisoned.

Glad to see him locked up for what he did, but now that he is out, let him get on with life.

1169 days ago

(n) kills off polar bears, giving seals a more stress-free life.

1176 days ago

A band with a name that is just fun to say, that was founded a very long time ago and had a significant impact on the areas of electronic and industrial music, very shocking and deliberately provocative in their time. After an almost 30 year hiatus, they have recently regrouped.

I have downloaded some of their music, but not had the pleasure of seeing them live, although they played some gigs in the US in the past weeks. Apparently, at these gigs, the audio volume combined with the frequencies at which they play has been known to have physical effects on people's internal organs.

All of this intrigues me. As does the the lead singer, Genesis P-Orridge. A man who, some years ago, decided together with his wife to try to aspire to become one person (a pandrogyne, they called it). Both underwent plastic surgery to look more like each other. She died a few years later. He is still around, a man in terms of his plumbing, but with breast implants, and he dresses like a woman. I saw him play with his former band, Psychic TV, in Dublin about 20 years ago, when Acid House (a term they supposedly coined) was still relatively young, and it was one of the formative experiences of my youth. Music that just seemed to bypass the brain and work on you through the spinal cord.

Interesting stuff.

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1176 days ago

I get some vicarious thrill when I see how much they annoy people, but ultimately the way to win people over to your cause is probably best less confrontational, I think. The moral superiority argument more often entrenches than sways your opponents.

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1176 days ago

Well, you have just convinced me. I am overwhelmed by your arguments. And who wants to be a complete idiot. Not me! I think I will be ordering steak instead of tofu the next time I go to a restaurant.

1178 days ago

Shut the f*ck up, Donny! :-)

1178 days ago

Comment Icon earthbound commented on a review of Minnesota in U.S. States:
Yes it is beautiful. I live there and even vacationed there on the North Shore of Lake Superior last year.

But really - come on, the winters are pretty dreadful. I agree, there are places where the winters are colder, like parts of Canada, Alaska, the North Pole, Mars, etc. but that offers little consolation to me at minus 30, when my nostrils turn crunchy as soon as I step out of the door.

All of the creatures that naturally live there are way hairier than humans. It is a testament to our ingenuity and endurance that we can even survive in such inhospitable surroundings, let alone build the biggest mall in the US.

But by and large - I like the place overall! Yes indeed.
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