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223 days ago

I bought a Dodge Dokata 1996 with 89k miles. I took the vechile on 2 test drives to see how it handeled and it seemed ok for the year of vechile. The air didnt work and the abs brake light was on. During our sale I pointed this out to the salesman who said those issue would be fixed during inspection before I got delivery. Now knowing that this dealer purchases from auction and having some common sence that the vechile is old I figured I would still need to put some more money into it. The sales people we friendly, helped me with transporation to and from my house when needed and always answered the phone when i called and gave me reasons and expected date of inspection and delivery. I used the truck for about 3 months on some odd hauling jobs. after making some money I decided to take it in to NTB because it was pulling to the right and had bad vibrations in steering wheel. Come to find out all 4 tires were worn uneven due to bad sway arm and other problems in the steering and suspension it cost me another $2005.74 to have the following fixed: 4 new tires, alignment, front & rear shocks, upper control arms, sway bar links, 3rd brake light was out,
center exhust hanger, 3-step fuel system cleaner, Then after that work I took it to the dodge dealer because I had no heat another $1284.00 for new heater core, new thermos stat, Now as I said knowing the year and that it was an auction resell I knew that used car dealers dont get into all the whats wrong with it crap because there looking to buy and sell while making a few dollars. As a buyer going to any used car dealer you already know your buying something that some one had problems with if you dont buy a new car ! I'm a bit upset that at least these things could be pointed out so I new what extra money would be needed so my great deal $2995.00 + tag & title =$3469.70 for the truck has now cost me $6759.44 --accourding to Kelly blue book its value is $5575.00 so i lose $1184.44 and thats if its in execellent condition which it's not! so its even more. Question is could I have avoided problems spending more on a newer truck-Well research showed newer trucks but with 125k + in mileage. All this said I dont think I will buy from them or any other used car dealer again! I have never like used vechiles for this reason. One would think a returning customer is a better way to go. I think Bruns needs to be more honest about what there selling. When they buy at auction they know what there buying and I would be suprised if they paid more then $500 for this truck. not sure if this happens at auctions but get a list of whats wrong with the vechile and whats needed for repairs and this should be disclosed during the sale! Honest people knowing what there buying can make a better decision. To me this is the old snake salesman crap and why this is my last used vechile from now on only new! Just sick and tired of the constant bullshit with used vechiles and sales people. I don't think I could have still bought a truck for under $7000.00 with 80k and the motor is still strong so hopefully it will last me. But I will never get anything back out of it for resale since it's so old. I gave an OK rating but I think I should have invested in a newer model. live and learn I wont return.

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