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About me: Spaniard living in ????. My hobbies are hanging out under the sunshine at Dolores Park, playing soccer, basketball, and tennis. I am addicted to "LOST", I watch it on because i don't have a TV.
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621 days ago

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644 days ago

This app is looking great!

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644 days ago

This is the magic place where you can find Jose at work. This corner is full of very useful tools to make Jose's workday easier. You can see Indian religious figures, Russian and Mexican handicrafts, American beer, Spanish Wine, Mexican hot sauce, tape, hand sanitizer, contacts case and liquid, business cards... In other words, a real mess! If you are ever in the Mission district of San Francisco, you can't miss this spot!

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668 days ago

It worked :) :)

684 days ago

This place is a little pricey for the service but the food is good. It offers mostly American food although they claim to be Portuguese. On the back of the menu they have some typical Portuguese dishes. I got the Costoletas de Porco ( pork chops) and they were good. They looked dry but they were actually juicy and tasty. This place is famous for opening until late and having people from Polk street finishing a night out with a big plate of food. I need to try this version, since I went there on a mellow Sunday noon.

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716 days ago

This is one of the most moving documentaries I have seen in my life. For me, a basketball lover who grew up in Europe during the 80's, this story has touched me deep. I followed this guys through their entire sport career, but I didn't know what really happened between them when the war in the Balkans blew up. The story has everything that would make up a blockbuster Hollywood movie: fatalities, friendship, sportsmanship, regret, success, failure, forgiveness, teamwork, and pride.

I remember watching these guys playing for Yugoslavia, and for their clubs in Europe. I remember when Petrovic signed up for Real Madrid when I was 7 years old. For kids, it was inspiring to see how some European player could compete at that level in the NBA. They, Divac, Kukoc, Radja, Petrovic and Fernando Martin, were the guys we admired and followed.

This documentary has showed me the human side of these men. I can see Petrovic as a natural born competitor with a huge sense of pride and somehow reserved outside of the court. Blade Divac is a good hearted big man, with the courage to recognize his mistakes and to fight for a friendship repeatedly rejected.

I would highly recommend this movie to everybody, either you like or dislike sports. You will get the picture of what happened in Yugoslavia and how the war fragmented the best European basketball team in history.

(For Comcast users, this documentary is On ESPN on Demand)

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723 days ago

I am glad they have open this new location in Valencia street. I used to go to the one in the inner sunset and I remember it to be delicious. This store is bigger and it has some tables to sit inside. Its perfect for a quick bite for lunch or to grab some bread on the way home.

Pizza slides are good and they are sold for $2.5.They are small, so I would need 3 or 4 pieces for lunch :)

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753 days ago

Update 09.15.2010: Now you don't need an iPhone to play DoubleDutch. We are happy to announce that DoubleDutch is available for every smartphone. Type in your browser and star playing!

DoubleDutch is a fun geo location app to play and stay connected with your friends.

But it is not only a game. DoubleDutch lets you check in and review your favorite venues instantly. It is very handy for people who like to share their opinion about the corner store, the thai restaurant across the office or the ball park. Your review is instantly published on RateItAll and you can share it on Facebook and twitter (perfect for those writers who like to get the most exposure). This is a screenshot of the review page (the venue I was reviewing is top secret ...ehem Popeyes...ehem).

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Other functionality I like is the ability to add picture to your reviews. You can take a picture on the go or pic one from your phone library (screenshot of my review of RateItAll with an image)

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

There are other features that I like to play with. For example, searching for places around the world (given the great data coverage that DoubleDutch's mother company, RateItAll has gathered over the 10+ years existence).

The gaming piece still has room for improvement but sticker designs incentives me to keep playing with the app (you get stickers for checkins, reviews, uploading pictures...). These are the stickers I have collected so far:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

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758 days ago

Nice review gordito! Your stomach is stretched now so there will never be enough food for you.

766 days ago

I really like the happy hour here. Quality drinks for $5 and an extensive whiskey and bottled beer menu.
Unfortunately, I missed the well recommended Manhattan.

The scene was nice and it's definitely not the regular Mission crowd.

I will for sure come back here to try the food and the Manhattan.

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