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11 hours ago

Cinnamon rolls baking inside an oven? Yes. Cinnamon on top of a pastry or sprinkled on a dessert? Yes. Cinammon-scented rooms? Check.

Cinnamon gum? I'll pass on this one. I'm not too keen on the smell of cinnamon gum. One of my peeves (especially as a high school teacher).
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11 hours ago

Quite possibly one of the better smelling things out there...until the stench of a car salesman draws near.
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11 hours ago

Though I don't drink it, I do love the smell and aroma of coffee.

It might have inspired the song "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg. Who knows?
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12 hours ago

The grave injustice here is that the rabid psycho-punk, Gunter Parche, never had to serve one day in jail for an obvious attempted murder of Monica Seles in front of the world just because he was judged mentally deficient. But at the same time, to blame Steffi Graf, a fellow German like Parche, because she was ranked #2 and was gunning to be #1 is totally inane and absurd. She had nothing to do with this piece of garbage fan of hers. She was ashamed, just like any rationally minded person, over this sad episode.

The German legal system failed not only Seles, tennis, and the sports world, but set a dangerous precedent about how justice ought to be dealt when dealing with intentional malice and destruction.
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12 hours ago

Even the great Sugar Ray Leonard admitted to Thomas "Hitman" Hearns he had lost the fight.

Travesty? Definitely.

On a side note, it was nice to see these two champions sitting side by side and having a good discussion about boxing and their two bouts, agreeing that their two epic encounters ought to be scored 1-1.
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12 hours ago

The ought to have dug up the old lady from the "Where's the beef?" commercials from the 1980's...she sold more burgers after each singular showing of the famous commercial than this oaf did in selling all his records during the last decade.

But his records do make great targets when clay pigeons aren't available.

12 hours ago

It was so bad, that even Shaq's family refused it when given free copies.

Common response from everyone: "Uh, no thanks."
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12 hours ago

Sports martyrs definitely.

Hell's gonna be a bitch when David Stern, Dick Bavetta, Bob Delaney and Ted Bernhardt each kick the bucket. They ought to just fess up. =)

12 hours ago

This does not even approach as the most appalling act ever in the annals of the modern Olympics, as the cowardly terrorists whom murdered the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich games hold that pitiful disgrace. But this event was still one of the most appalling acts of sports injustice ever perpetuated. Roy Jones Jr. was definitely robbed of his gold medal by scheming South Korean officials who wined and dined with the same referees earlier- and upon being found out, were thus suspended from ever refereeing any other Olympic boxing match ever. Even Jones's South Korean opponent, Park Si-Hun, was appalled with the decision as his arm was raised (Park did not deserve it, but his graciousness was still Olympianesque, unlike the refs who disgraced themselves that evening). But Jones went on to win the award as the best boxer of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and moreover would go on to a stellar career as the best pound for pound professional boxer for nearly a decade.

Perhaps another positive from this obvious sports travesty was the advent of a new Olympic scoring system which ought to prevent further shenanigans like this obvious example.
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13 hours ago

David Stern is a joke. And the Kings should have won this one. They essentially had to win 5 games to go to the finals that year.

Good review, Oscar.
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