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436 days ago

Overall, I'm really glad I got it done... It looks better, but it also keeps my car WAY cooler. Instantly, I noticed the difference in inside temperature. It's worth the money, and quite frankly, the deal you get with The Tint Dude is the best around. Or in central Ohio any way, i called at least seven other shops around Columbus, none of them could fit me in or give a honest to why they were expensive.... they could only offer disparaging comments about their competition! huge turnoff so i went with The Tint Dude. It's 4.5 star average yelp review doesn't lie!

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437 days ago

Service: Was fantastic you can't get it any easier . The guy doing the tint was awesome. Very friendly, gave good recommendations for all of their tints and the local laws, and they are straight-up. (For the ladies, they're not creepy either!) would i use theme again? you bet ya! matter of fact i have sent 6 of my girlfriends to them as well. All Happy:)

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776 days ago

Accidentally left a $100 gift card in the pocket of my suit. My girlfriend dropped it off without knowing it was in the pocket. The owner kept it and called me a liar, then told me I shouldn't have left it there if it was valuable. He then demanded I pay for the service or he would throw away the clothes. I had a $500 suit and a $400 dress. I finally paid the crook $36 and came on here to let others know what kind of person runs this business. The clothes are not even cleaned well, there is some sort of pet hair on my jacket and the dress was wrinkled. What a joke of a business. THIS MAN IS A THIEF AND A LIAR. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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790 days ago

Just wanted to let you know that I was extremely happy with the work that was done. I will highly recommend your company`s Crown Towing services!

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797 days ago

I had an appointment set up at 1230 today and I got a call from the owner 45 mins before canceling my appointment due to poor weather. I called around to several other window tint places (finding a new shop) and they said the temperature of the weather doesn't matter. I'm very disappointed because one this was for someone's anniversary gift and the phone call was last minute.

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