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43 days ago

Good quality gear and lots of it. Anything you could want for hiking, biking, or camping is here. The sales people know what they are talking about and are willing to take the time to talk with you. A little nicer and friendlier than Rei and just as good at what it does.

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44 days ago

I went in looking for a new SLR and maybe some big prints of some photos I’ve already got. The guy I spoke to about the cameras was nice and knew his stuff, and I managed to get the photos in for enlargement at the same time.

All in all, a nice store with a good choice of stock. Would come again.

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177 days ago

Nice, big, charming hotel a few miles from the monuments in DC. It's somewhat odd shaped and from the back it looks like a hospital or institution. But the staff is very friendly, the rooms are huge, although a bit awkward - there's a long, wide enough main room and this little tiny bathroom that one person can hardly stand in comfortably, with a mini couch outside the bathroom in what looks like it should be a closet, but it's not. All in all a good stay though.

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268 days ago

Well, when I stepped outside to smoke... I got scared. The location of this bus station is in an area that I would never choose to venture on my own, but honestly, what can you expect from an intercity bus company? Come to think of it, I haven't seen too many Greyhound stations that weren't in the ghetto.

I can't really complain though. It was to be expected. In addition, you were perfectly safe if you stayed inside. And even outside, the two bad elements of society we saw were at least 500 feet away and arguing with each other. We never got bothered.

Just keep to yourself, and stay inside, especially if your bus arrives there at 2am like mine did.

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471 days ago

In just a few months, the Presidential debates, which are sponsored by this group, will be upon us.

My problem is not that these debates are largely vapid exercises in personality and body language assessment, combined with gotcha zingers and deliberate dodges. It has nothing to do with informing the public about the political process or what these candidate's plan to do once in office. The problem is that they simply matter less and less with each campaign season. As I pointed out the other day, $3 billion in advertising goes to swing a couple hundred thousand voters in a few states. The bulk of the campaign's attention is geared towards these voters, and so are the debates.

Even the schedule of the debates makes a mockery of their relevance to a huge section of voters. By the time the third debate wraps up on October 22, an enormous number of voters will already have turned in their mail-in absentee ballot, and early voting will already be underway in most parts of the country. That's not to say the debates can't sway the election. They most certainly can. That's bound to happen in a country so evenly divided that a victory with 53% of the popular is considered a landslide.

But it is remarkable that such a grandiose spectacle of democracy is being put on for the benefit of so few voters who may actually change their minds after witnessing the whole thing.

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