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109 days ago

We have utilized Air Doctor twice in the past to repair an old ac unit, and most recently to install a new condenser & coils.

The repairmen responded on the same day that the service calls were made. The full replacement/installation was conducted during the A.M. on the following day.

I am extremely happy with the services of Air Doctor & would recommend them to anyone.

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143 days ago

I was visiting my dad's house the other day and we found out that one of the toilets was leaking at the bottom but we didn't know why. We called these guys to have em take a look at it and see if it was fixable or not. We didn't mind either way as my dad was planning on replacing the toilet eventually anyway and we already had the new unit, but had yet to put it in. After we all checked it out, we noticed something we hadn't before. There was a small crack on the bowl. Since it was cracked, we just had it replaced instead of messing with it, if that even was an option. They got the old one out and plopped the new one in there in no time at all. My dad loves it, so we've got nothing to complain about on our end!

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162 days ago

One of my favorite hardware in town, its because they got a very helpful and knowledgeable staffs.

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217 days ago

I went into my kitchen the other day and saw that the sink was filled with water. I asked my girlfriend if she was using the sink at the time for dishes or something. She told me no, so I went back and checked if anything was in the drain. There was nothing I could feel in the sink, so the only conclusion I could come to was that something was in the drain. I called around and A Better Plumbing was the only place that was available at the time, and they were affordable, so I had them come out and they got it snaked out and done within an hour and a half. No complaints here about them.

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224 days ago

So, I had gone out of town with my girlfriend and when we came back. our bathroom floor had water everywhere. No one had been inside as nothing had been taken from the house. We looked around a bit and discovered that our sink had been leaking from one of the connections. Neither of us had any experience with plumbing, so we looked online and found A Better Plumbing. When we called them, they were very pleasant over the phone and nice. We had an appointment set for the following Thursday (It was a Tuesday when we called). That day, they came out, inspected the house to see if there was anything else wrong. They didn't find anything so they told us how much it would cost and we gave them the go ahead to do their thing. They were finished in a fairly quick amount of time, and so far we've had no problems. Give them a call.

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