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2 days ago

One of my favorite movies. I seen it a few times with my friends and we all had a great time watching it. Very entertaining!

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3 days ago

i love tom

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6 days ago

I am glad to see that the protagonist is a partial antagonist, and the true antagonist is someone from the outside. You would expect the story to be predictable, but you will have some surprise. Do not relate it to [u]The Princess and The Frog.[/u] I will gladly buy this movie and add it to my collection as it shows me that you can put your hindrances and bad qualities about you to good use. I did feel lots of feelings in this movie. I would say that the short before the actual featured presentation was not necessary in theaters-the movie itself [u]was[/u] the show. I like Sven the Reindeer and the horses that were drawn to have "furry" feelings- they did good-they look loveable and cute. It gives the meaning to family power, and that being confined because you have a trait that you'd fear that is detrimental would give bad consequences. Though it would not best [u]Bolt[/u], it is a deserving top 25 movie to see.
Note, if you are in theatres, DO NOT LEAVE WHEN THE CREDITS ROLL! Look at the disclaimer about boogers and you will see the fate of the snowman (not Olaf!)

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12 days ago

Watching more Doctor Who of late, so I'm going to kick the Bad Wolf up to a four. I still like Pond better.

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14 days ago

Adelson is simply trying to buy influence at the highest levels of government. He expects that the millions that are being paid to Romney will yield the results that he wants, namely a more militaristic stance against Iran, and more personally, getting the government off his back in regards to ongoing money-laundering investigations involving his casino operations in Asia and elsewhere.

This is what happens when money is allowed to influence political outcomes.

UPDATE: sheldon-adelson-says-he-is-willing-to-spend-whatever-it-takes-to-stop-online-gambling/

Adelson is an anti-government libertarian, except when it comes to his own affairs. Then he asks for government protection for his own personal business interests. Happens a lot too.

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