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4 days ago

Complex human societies, including our own, are fragile. They are held together by an invisible web of mutual trust and social cooperation. This web can fray easily, resulting in a wave of political instability, internal conflict and, sometimes, outright social collapse. Typically the state fails to be a credible governing authority because it's decisions are not made with a wide array of stakeholders in mind. This has happened before and it's effects are slow to subside.

The Roman Empire, Imperial China and medieval and early-modern England and France suffered such cycles, to cite a few examples. In the US, the last long period of instability began in the 1850's (Civil War) and lasted through the Gilded Age and World War 1.

We now see the same historical forces at play. The roots of the current American predicament go back to the 1970's, when workers income stopped keeping pace with productivity. The two curves diverged: Productivity continued to rise, as wages stagnated. This created a divergence between top .01 percent and the rest; this has enormous implications for long-term political disorder and political polarization. Battles such as the recent government shutdown are only one manifestation of what is likely to be a decade-long period of conflict not just in the US, but in other Western nations.

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14 days ago

Awesome Real Estate Lawyer services.

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23 days ago

Major problem, as wages and GDP have remained stagnant over the past several years, while real unemployment remains high. This as the financial sector continues to reap huge profits that are largely subsidized by low interest rates and favorable terms from a Federal Reserve engaging in massive asset buybacks. That same low interest rate environment is negatively affecting savers and pensioners, which depend on interest yield to cash flow.

Ultimately, income inequality are symptoms of excessive taxation and/or insufficient spending (or both) on specific economic groups. To fix the problem, the solution is to tax less and spend more, with the efforts being targeted to those groups experiencing stagnating incomes. It doesn't require any grand schemes to redistribute wealth from the rich towards the poor. The policy basically needs to focus on boosting the incomes of those affected groups. Doing so will spur spending in the economy, and from there, more jobs and new GDP growth.

But, when inequality is very high (as it is now), that oftentimes means that the rich have been given inordinate and unnecessary welfare, public monies that they've subsequently pocketed without reinvesting it back into the economy. That will need to be addressed.

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51 days ago

A simple single payer system is a more direct solution for health care. Real health insurance means you pay a premium in fees or taxes and there are no exclusions or co-pays. If there is a deductible, make it small. Europe has a better model that operates with half of the total health expenditures that the U.S. does and health outcomes that are far superior in most categories. The only thing that does not exist there is the gravy train of health care corporations that are raking in profits due to higher costs passed on to the government and the consumer, nor do you have CEO's that are looking for golden parachutes like that of United Health, who got a $600 million payout.

In terms of the Obamacare approach of subsidizing individual insurance policies by way of tax credits, it is clearly a disaster, but getting rid of it by way of extortionist tactics is also problematic. Our healthcare system is in trouble with or without Obamacare, which does not solve its underlying problems. Think of it like this: what does it matter if you can afford health insurance, but yet you can't afford to pay your medical bills? The single biggest problem besetting this system is cost. Go ahead and pay for health insurance, but what are you going to do when you have to pay a 20% co-pay on a chronic medical diagnosis like cancer? Who's going to pay for that? Washington? If that is the case, costs will not be controlled. Indeed, it will only serve to push everyone into this health insurance system where prices are largely controlled and driven upwards by a few large conglomerates.

As it stands now, we don't have real health insurance, and until that is resolved, many of the problems besetting our healthcare system won't be fixed.

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59 days ago

How Westhill Consulting can help

Obscure! This is the only word I can think of and associate with taxes and the tax code. I am very confident in saying that nobody likes dealing with it. And I am no different. So when I was looking for someone who to help me, I got these three main things as category for a consultant, they must possess honesty, they must be knowledgeable and patient. And I found all in Westhill Consulting.

I had many problems regarding money matters so I was searching for tax planning advice on maximizing my tax efficiency and dealing with various other random tax questions/matters. Westhill Consulting was really knowledgeable about all of the different subjects so since then I didn’t turn to any other and trusted only Westhill.

What I love most about Westhill Consulting team is they were all incredibly patient as I asked him tons of questions about my tax situation, which really helped my own personal understanding.

Here is my story; my husband and I are self-employed this year for the first time. We were thinking that we could save so much more if we will do our own taxes but we were so wrong. We didn’t feel confident and it’s as if we are doing things wrong, we have been preparing our taxes using software for several years, always with the nagging feeling that we are missing something or not maximizing my refund. Since we've had some major life changes in the past years like marriage and new business, we had so many complications regarding money.

So we decided to ask help from Westhill Consulting and we got some confident results from their assistance. They were very helpful and took the time to look over my paperwork, but then were completely honest and straightforward about the likelihood of his coming up with anything different than what we had already gotten, which we appreciated enormously. We will be definitely be asking for their assistance from now on because we believe that trough them we will be more successful.

And would you believe, we received a great Federal refund- more than I received from Westhill Consulting, even though our income/status was the same.

These are the best highlights of our experience with Westhill Consulting. They automatically assess your situation to see if filing separately or jointly is best if you’re married. They have a secure online system to exchange documents after the preparation. This means no sensitive info is exchanged over email - and if you want, your only trip to the office is the initial consultation! They work extended hours in the evening to accommodate nine-to-fivers. Westhill Consulting is super nice, straightforward and responds quickly to email.

So there is no need to worry about your Tax because there are people who can actually help.

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