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33 days ago

I just got into loving wine. I got to get this book. If Stella Rosa Semi sweet, dark wine. If it is not in this book I will have return the book. I rarely drink but when I do it has got to smooth and sweet. Wish to god I never found Stella Rosa burgundy wine. It is a little pricier than the cheaper average wines but it is worth every single drop.

My problem is I down Stella Rosa like soda it is so sweet and good. If this keeps up I may end up a wino, cause I can't stop buying bottles and bottles of this. I'm totally hooked now! My second favorite is pink campaign, the sprinkling wine but Stella Rosa whoever made you hats off to them.

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40 days ago

This was one of those books I simply could not put down once I started, and I finished it over several days of reading. The story of the mythical and fantastical town of Macondo and the people in this town is pretty darn extraordinary.

The writing is solid and well done, the words used in the book to present a narrative were exceptional in their placement and quality, and I really enjoyed the overall theme of the book. I can understand why it might be hard to follow at times, because the narrative is, certainly, at times difficult to follow.

Once all of the connections in the book of different characters and how they relate to each other is figured out, this book really does seem like a gem in the literary canon, and it is a classic that has worldwide renown precisely because of how well written it is, how incredible the setting and the characters are, and how timeless the story really does seem, overall.

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72 days ago

Ephesians 2:8-9
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

John 1: 16 And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

Bravo and Hooray! There is finally a Christian Pastor and Author bringing it... the message of God's grace, which is God's undeserved and unearned favor all based on the payment and works of Jesus, not on how much church folks perform religious rites, rituals and pay in cash money.

I was surprised to hear the honesty of Pastor Prince when he admitted in one of his sermons that many Pastors avoid preaching on grace for fear their congregation will stop paying tithes. What a conspiracy load of crap it is how many tithe pushers continue to promote fear of a a curse from God if Christians don't pay ten percent on every dollar.

How is that helping people who go to church to have peace and comfort when they hear a curse over their lives for lack of paying a set amount of money? This tithe conspiracy lie is spiritual abuse on the poor. Jesus placed mercy way ahead of the Old Covenant Tithe law in Matthew 23:23 and he was talking to folks still under the tithe law in Leviticus.

Wish you tithe enforcers would find another way to collect your pay without scaring God-fearing people to death over a set amount of money! It is just preposterous that they use an outdated curse over naive, gullible Christians like that. Pastor Joseph Prince still promotes tithing but he does not promote it by using a curse over redeemed from the curse Christians!

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96 days ago

If you’re looking for an odd, offbeat, slipstream, surreal kind of outing, Haruki Murakami is your guy. A Japanese author who’s been a top-seller in Japan since the 1980s, Murakami is now gaining a much wider audience.

In the worlds that Murakami creates, the presence of a shadow world, an alternative reality is a repetitive theme. His protagonists move in and out of dual worlds with such frequency that the lines between the different worlds get blurred. The alternate world appears in dreams that continue into the waking life. Or they take the protagonists into someone else’s life and head which then overlaps with their own.

The characters that people Murakami’s worlds are eccentric. All of them. They are free spirits (much like Kafka’s characters who march to the beat of their own drummer) on whom reality as the general populace lives it has little or no impact. They are unusual and strange. They spout seemingly deep nonsense and profoundly impactful observations – it is up to you to decide which is which.


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128 days ago

I was looking for Snoopy's desert brother, and was shocked to find him near the bottom of the list. With a mustache like his, how could you give him any less than four stars.

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