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1313 days ago

Great design, simple interface, easy to use.

When, after all, sits the battery, you need to find a place where it would charge up and it does not always work.

Very comfortable, stylish and functional thing, does not occupy much space in your purse, lightweight, compared to others. Excellent design, and, of course, low energy consumption. It can be in touch wherever you are not located. I have a sedentary job, so the laptop 0133292 DNS is simply irreplaceable. And you can play and read books and watch movies, as in the workplace and in their spare time. As well as working on it and just lovely. Liked very much. Very useful during the session, when a full blockage and you need to do a lot of control. A wonderful mini computer and allows good to spend time regardless of location.

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1313 days ago

I bought recently. Thank you guys from Portmarket brought quickly. Screen - great, sound is loud and clear. Disappointed that no rewind buttons on the housing front - only with the remote control. The battery holds about 5 hours exactly. I looked straight 2 films in 2 hours and 30 minutes and was still a charge! The model clearly one of the best on the market in quality, and price is not very bite.

Picture perfect for 9. "Reads almost all true movies avi format larger than 2GB somehow freezes. The disadvantages would be classified that the movie titles in Russian are unreadable, even though all the menus russified. Plus it's convenient operation, good battery, fast charging and lacking in movies actually at 6:00. We take two months, very pleased, I think this is the best device to date

Advantages: clear rich picture, both on the big LCD, large viewing angle, we can see the smallest details, loud speakers, thoughtful management, user-friendly control panel, battery, enough for 3 full movie, USB input for flash drives, excellent design. Disadvantages: The more I found nothing! Total excellent machine. get real pleasure from watching movies, buying is justified by 100 percent! Highly recommend!

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1315 days ago

I am very pleased, I think this is the best device to buy.

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