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RateItAll is an online community built upon one of the most extensive and diverse online databases of opinions, ratings, and reviews in the world.  Participating members of RateItAll can earn cash for various activities on the site.

At RateItAll, you own the content you contribute to the site, you can take your RateItAll reviews with you around the web via our widgets and feeds, and you can make a little money for your efforts.  No other review site can say the same.

RateItAll is a pioneer in the area of consumer-shared content. RateItAll relaunched in 2006 to enable the free and unfettered exchange of ideas and opinions.  You can use this Web site to connect with people who share similar interests, find review content for your blog or MySpace page, and find, share, or solicit opinions on virtually anything - for example, consumer products, celebrities, politics, travel destinations, sports, local businesses, and much more.

RateItAll members also get access to RateItAll's free publishing tool that allows users to create, promote, and publish their own interactive ratings lists (e.g. Best Mexican Beer, Professors at Georgetown University, etc.).  This tool gives registered RateItAll users the ability to create and manage structured, contextual discussions around virtually any topic.  Click HERE to learn more about building your own consumer ratings list.

RateItAll offers a variety of widgets and feeds that lets you display RateItAll content on blogs, personal sites, and MySpace profile pages.  For more on RateItAll's widgets, click HERE.

Finally, through the RateItAll Economy program, RateItAll members can share in the advertising revenue associated with publishing Weblists, referring friends, adding new listings to existing ratings lists, creating profiles, and soon, submitting reviews. 

RateItAll also provides a local search and directory service called RateItAll Local.  RateItAll Local is an interactive yellow pages service that aggregates the opinions of people in your community to show you the BEST local businesses.  You can use RateItAll Local to choose a vet for the family dog, to get a map to a new sushi restaurant downtown, or to find the right orthodontist for your family. 

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RateItAll is currently in closed Alpha with its consumer ratings API

Privacy Policy

RateItAll takes your privacy very seriously. We will NOT release your personal information without your consent, and we are certified by TRUSTe, an independent privacy watchdog organization. Please click here to learn more about our privacy policy.

Press Room

RateItAll has appeared in RedHerring.com, Fast Company, the San Francisco Chronicle, and other major publications. Please click here to read our press releases and find links to our press clippings.


RateItAll hosts a blog which discusses things like new features, site direction, and insider information.  Check out the RateItAll Blog for more info.


RateItAll offers several directories to allow your business or Web site to get more exposure.  These directories are:

1) The RateItAll Blog Directory - An interactive directory covering blogs of all types.  Free submission for blogs that meet our quality guidelines.

2) The RateItAll Web Site Directory - An interactive directory of Web sites.  Free submission for blogs that meet our quality guidelines.

3) The RateItAll Local Directory - An interactive directory of local business and merchant listings.  Free submission.

4) The RateItAll Widget Directory - An interactive directory of software "widgets" that power applications on third party Web sites.  Free submission.

To submit your Web site, business, or Widget to a RateItAll directory, simply drill down to the appropriate sub category and click the link that says "Add a New Item to this Topic."

MySpace Polls

You can now create MySpace Polls using RateItAll's Weblister tool.


RateItAll is growing fast, and we're always looking for talented people to join our team. Please click here to see our job postings.

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