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1403 days ago

Haha, it's not a nursing home... :) I would love to get him out of there, but it is up to a judge. My ex who had custody of him got him taken away from the state. He moved to Colorado in 2006 with my kids. DHS has been involved with them since 2006, but is reluctant to give my kids to me since I live a different state. (Where they were born) So, they would rather place him in an RTC than let him come home. Bureaucratic bs...

1403 days ago

I have a son in their facility. They have a system that requires phases. My son, has spent more than 2/3rds of his time there waiting for staff to provide signatures or pamphlets for him to do his phase work.(8 of the 12 weeks he has been there, he has asked for the staff to sign off or to receive outlines of phase requirements and been put off with new excuses daily...) They consistently change the rules and their guidelines to meet whichever whim they have that day. It is not a place of healing or hope. Their first priority is their program (which they do not even follow) not their patients. They talk the talk and do not walk the walk.

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