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This is almost the 3rd anniversary of my coming to RIA. I came originally came here because I was looking for American Idol ratings, I love American Idol.

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Gardening, PopCulture, Astrology, Hurricanes, theNFL, theNBA

Favorite Music & Artists:

The B52's, ABBA, Aqua, Clay Aiken, Taylor Hicks.

Favorite Books & Authors:

Louis L'Amour, Scott Adams

Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Stars & Directors:

The Bad News Bears, Lost, American Idol, South Park, Monk, Battlestar Galatica, That 70's Show

Favorite Web Sites:

http://www.archive.org (external link) 
http://www.americanidol.com (external link) 
http://www.foundphotos.net (external link) 
http://www.languagerealm.com (external link) 
http://www.coolslang.com (external link)

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Donovan (141) on 1/2/2008 7:01:25 PM, said:

A light-hearted reviewer who is a "regular" on RIA. He seems to be a genuine nice guy. He does not come across as overbearing, yet is still not afraid to speak his mind. I wish him the very best.