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About me: Just a regular guy who watches the occasional professional sporting event, with 2.5 children and a house in the burbs. Now a member of the three gallon blood donation club (counting only donations since I moved to Texas). While normally cynical, I'll abuse this soap box by urging everyone to just do something for our fellow man once in a while. Donate blood, volunteer somewhere, anything. You'll get back more than you give and our world will be a far better place if we all pitch in. Photo in my profile is of my old man as a teenager. I looked a little like him, back in the day. Banker, lawyer, father, step-father, husband, cyclist, photographer, railroad modeler...
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1599 days ago

Our Oreck XL has now been with us in Phoenix for three more years and still going strong. A belt did fail but it was replaced for free and we are back in business. The cleaning people have taken to carrying it upstairs - given how light it is - so they have been vacuuming a 4400 sq foot home with it every other week. Sorry brendakay didn't have any luck with hers.

I can't say the Oreck air purifier I got was so amazing. But the vacuum - yeah baby!

2338 days ago

Review Icon Ventoux1 reviewed Bahamas in Countries:
It's been far too many years since I visited Green Turtle Cay.  Accessible only by boat, and not a car on the island if memory serves.  At the time I visited it seemed too isolated.  With the internet, not any more.  But for tropical storms it would be hard to beat as a place to live.  Much of the Bahamas is too touristy for me, but not this spot.

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2579 days ago

Yes, I'm an alumnus. However, as my son considers attending and playing Tribe football (with zero prompting from me)I have to say it seems over-priced. Harvard tuition is comparable, and the Harvard degree will open doors. I had a great time and grew up a lot at W&M;, and my folks paid out-of-state tuition. At the time, it was considerably less expensive than the small liberal arts schools my siblings attended, or Princeton, which I opted not to attend because I didn't want to bankrupt my parents. However, for out-of-state students, in the intervening years the price gap has narrowed between W&M; and other, more elite schools, I think. Still one of the most romantic, historic campuses in the country. I can still remember romantic moments with my eventual first wife on Crim Dell Bridge. Very good faculty who actually teach. Mild climate. I'm confident current students are getting good educations and a quality overall experience if they are trying for that. However, the price concerns me.

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2745 days ago

Don't knock it until you've tried it.  Can be stuffed with traditional bread-based stuffings or with oyster or crawfish stuffing which is more traditional, this being a cajun creation.  Lot's of meat. 

I ordered one from Louisiana over the internet a few years back and it arrived well frozen.  Lot's of fun for the big family Thanksgiving gathering.  Don't be afraid to give this a try!  I recommend it.  Only trick is to watch out for too high heat and overcooking the outside before the inside is done - remember this is basically solid meat (at last compared to a classic stuffed turkey).  You may want to prepare extra stuffing on the side as there is not a lot between the layers of meat.

I don't know about you, but if I never have to prepare and consume another traditional baked turkey that would be OK.  Boring!




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2795 days ago

Not an expert on this character.  However, his concern over our environment and man's mistreatment of the earth, coupled with his "outsider" status, are reminiscient (sp?) of real surfers.  Excellent look and very cool powers.  How anyone with a cape, boots, or some sort of belted, skin-tight outfit could ever compare visually to the Silver Surfer is beyond me!  Not to mention that board!    (disclaimer - have not seen the recent film "Rise of the Silver Surfer" (title?) so opinion based on the comic books)

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2795 days ago

Unfortunately it also repels a large number of non-smoking women!  But, even one less mosquito bite would be a welcome thing!

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2795 days ago

I'm the worst kind - an ex-smoker.  But even I have to admit that a smoke in one hand and a beer in the other at the local pub was a great way to spend an evening.  Debating world events and just having a good time.  Probably pretty nasty for non-smokers in the room, but I miss it!

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2795 days ago

Most of the household labor saving devices my wife comes home with are crap. The one exception is the Oreck XL! We have a large yellow lab, and have had no problems dealing with her hair with the Oreck. Amazingly light and powerful - just as advertised. Our cleaning people use this as well - so it doesn't get babied I can assure you. Has held up beautifully for years. I rate it well above the Kirby I got my first wife, which was way too heavy.  

UPDATE:  I don't disbelieve the negative posters regarding this vacuum, but their experience is diametrically opposed to my own.  Our Oreck is still going strong and I would rate it one of the absolute best household appliances we ever purchased.

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2847 days ago

I lived in Irvine for several years.  In my view anywhere from LA south to San Diego is close to perfect weather.  SoCal may have its issues climatically - Santa Ana winds, earthquakes, fires and mudslides - but it rarely rains.  You can get outside and play every day, without the need for a heavy coat - ever.  And, it doesn't get very hot either.  Some oldtimers there still don't have AC.  Like a mild desert climate - it still cools off every night. If only I hadn't sold that house!  Arrggh!

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