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Plan 9 from Outer Space

Sometimes a movie achieves such legendary status that it can't quite live up to its reputation. Plan 9 from Outer Space is not one of these movies. It is just as magnificently terrible as you've heard. Plan 9 is the story of space aliens

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Mad Kane's Humor Blog

Humorous Musings, Limericks, Haiku, Song Parodies, & Satire About Stuff That Drives Me Mad (MadKane.com)

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The 80's Game

Go back in time on your next game night with The 80's Game. This is the trivia game that's all about your favorite decade, so crank up the Wham! and show off your knowledge of 20-year old tidbits. This trivia game is all 80's, all the time, and everyone

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Casual Slack

Quality Nonsense, Served Up Fresh - Daily

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homerruma blog


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My Compilations

This blog is an exclusive personal collection of hobbies, interests and reviews. Also contains useful information, opinions, tips, guides, news, suggestions and advise from self and others.

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free download softwares , games , movies

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A Very Fine Romance Redux

A blog about myriad forms of romance in an aesthetic sense. Also occasional current posts of current events.

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Twilight Experiment

The Twilight Experiment is a chain. How many people we can reach that know, like or heard about the Twilight Series? Sing up to the chain to have 'Midnight Sun' back !

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Marshall Major Taylor

My blog is dedicated to resurrecting the legacy of America's Greatest-Forgotten Sports Superstar Marshall Major Taylor. This is done through unique and insighful commentary in conjuction with entertainment, using available web material.

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