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Ultimate Food Snob

Discover gastronomic greatness, fantastic foods, and passionate reviews! This blog is dedicated to all those obsessive culinary addicts who search out the best and who have the ability and passion to appreciate fine food in all its forms. The finer items

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Epic Pale Ale

Epic Pale Ale is the best beer in New Zealand. Winner of the Supreme Champion Award at the New Zealand International Beer Awards. And its really hoppy too, with 15 hops per bottle. That's 3000% more hops than your average beer.

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SeaBear BeerGarden Smoked Salmon Strips

Hand cut strips of premier wild Alaskan salmon fillets, basted in Fish Brewing Company's Clean Water Ale beer, lightly peppered and then two-stage smoked in the traditional Northwest method for a hearty smokehouse flavor. May contain bones.

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