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1441 days ago

Please don't waste your Money, Time & Future

Please don’t follow 5 star reviews. He is a big cheater. He wrote all those reviews with different names.

- I don't even call him as a professional. Attorney title is not suitable for him
- I rate him with 1 star. (not even 1)
- He doesn't even give you appointment.
- He doesn't even open your case till last date of answering to USCIS
- My case would be on time, if i would have gone on my own.
- If i have any chance, i'll pay any other attorney to file case against him.

My Story:
We only go to attorney when we need them most (or) when we are in a bad situation. I paid him hell lot of money. He asked me money again to answer QUERY (In the beginning, he said 'he will not charge anything extra to answer Query).
I have sent my case 30 days before. I have been calling him everyday & send more than 50 emails. He didn't even open my file till today.
Everyday, he will say the same thing 'I'll look at your case 1st thing tomorrow'. Tomorrow never comes.

Please don't put yourself in more difficult situation by going with Mike

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