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484 days ago

You people really amaze me. Liberals dislike him because he espouses Conservativism which is counter-progressive (I know, you view returning to old values as progressive, well it's not). My dog has chunks in his stool that are intellectually superior to Rush Limbaugh. He's smug because he's a right wing mouth piece who walks around with a big fat cigar in his mouth, talking about how disadvantaged people shouldn't have rights and opportunities like those offered by the New Deal, or the Great Society Program. That's why the rich love him because he's all for big business. He'll say anything for a dollar because he's a fat shameless pig. He's a racist because he refers to people like Barack Obama and Halle Berry as "Halfrican-Americans". If liberal social movements hadn't allowed women the right to vote, or given blacks freedom, or even created a form of Federalism capable of handling national disasters and implementing social programs for the needy, we'd still be back in the dark ages thanks to conservative "progressive" values. We could all beat our wives, own slaves, discriminate against the poor and disadvantaged, burn crosses, fend for ourselves if something bad should happen, ingest deregulated food and drugs, and work for peanuts so that the people that Rush Limbaugh supports can get richer. If you think Liberalism is a failed ideology, and Conservativism is what has made this a great nation, than you obviously know nothing about American history. P.S.- you spelt ideology and bigot wrong.

499 days ago

Rush Limbaugh is a phony American who has never served.
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546 days ago

Cosmic, every single review you have left says the same thing. For God sake man say something new. Um, like, you know what I mean?

551 days ago

Wow Flick01, sounds like Silver Fox has a little crush on you. Liberals hate Rush Limbaugh because he espouses Conservativism, which we generally find to be a failed ideology. That doesn't mean that it is wrong to be conservative on any given topic. We just think its wrong to be Conservative across the board. I am a staunch Liberal, yet I am Conservative on environmental issues and financial issues. Very rarely will you ever find someone who is Liberal across the board or Conservative across the board. We vote Liberal because the issues that are being raised by the Liberals are the ones that are important to us. Likewise I imagine that is why you vote Conservative. Why do we consider Conservativism to be a failed ideology? Because it is not progressive. The sun rising and setting, the passage of time, human migration, knowledge, the changing of the seasons, the exponentially increasing population. These are all unstoppable progressive acts. Likewise, we feel that policy should change to match the changing environment. There has been a huge progressive movement since the birth of the nation. Women now vote and blacks are no longer slaves, thanks to progressive Liberal movements. Liberals value peace and understanding. We don't like guns, Conservatives do because they are afraid of everything. The KKK? What do you think? Liberals or Conservatives? Not only are they Conservative, they find themselves to be extremely pious. Hitler too considered himself quite pious. Take a long look at America's rosy Conservative, 18th century Republican past and tell me that it has a thread of morality to it. We find Conservativism to be fueled by pride. Whereas you find pride and nationalism to be a good thing, we find it to be potentially dangerous and excluding. A typical Conservative argument is that if everyone just tries hard enough, there's no reason why everyone can't succeed. Really? So in any competitive environment, like a baseball game for example, everyone can win? No, they can't, because some people cheat, and others have a competitive edge. Morality? Lets say that Conservatives derive their morals from Christianity. I do too, as well as other sources. Jesus fed the masses, he didn't hog it all for himself. It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven. He didn't own property. Love thy neighbor. All that good stuff that Conservatives acknowledge, but don't practice. Limbaugh? I couldn't give a care about his Viagra, or his divorces (morals I suppose), or his hypocrisy. God bless him, I hope he lives forever. Espousing Conservativism is going the wrong direction though in my opinion.

607 days ago

You hate Randi Rhodes, love Rush Limbaugh, and call yourself a Democrat. You should be put on the species preservation list because you must be the only one of your kind. I think you need to re-evaluate what it means to be a Democrat. If you're so ashamed, than switch parties or call yourself an independent. You're not helping the cause.

668 days ago

Who are we kidding here? It has everything to do with her politics. I admit, she is very biased. I don't blame her.

668 days ago

Obviously you have heard about her or you wouldn't be commenting on her. I'm going to go ahead and say that quite a few others have heard of her too, as her name has been in the top 5 in this category for several months now. An attempt to feature an insignificant host you say. I suppose she is insignificant in the sense that she has never been involved in a drug scandal like Rush Limbaugh. Maybe you mean insignificant in the sense that she has never mindlessly blurted out racist remarks on her show like Don Imus. Or it could be that you mean insignificant in the sense that she was never caught in a phone sex scandal like Bill O'Reilly. Your idea of insignificant is defined by her lack of reporting on infotainment, or the lack of spotlight she receives because she is one of the few journalists out there who has her morals intact. Also, who is this attempt being made by? The liberal media I suppose. It's all a part of a socialist conspiracy you know. Give me a break. Go turn on some Glenn Beck, it'll make you feel better. He's a reborn Christian so he must know what he's talking about.

686 days ago

Randi Rhodes speaks very clearly and articulately, so I can see how as a conservative you would hate her. None the less, she derives her information from several different news sources and encourages people to do their own research. Conservative hosts like Limbaugh and Hannity, which I'm presuming you like, get their information from FOX news and the white house, and that's about it. Although she is pissed at the Republicans, she frequently refers to certain Republicans that she likes and she welcomes open debate on her show, which is more than I can say for most conservative hosts. She admits that she is addicted to C-Span and has a very good feel for the pulse of government. Is Air America liberally biased? You're damn right it is! They make no attempt to hide that fact. Where else are you going to go to get the liberal opinion? Nowhere, that's where.

686 days ago

More like the gold standard for big fat cigar smoking, self centered, Viagra popping, young Haitian boy lovers, whose humor (when you can spot it) is focused on making fun of poor people and the physically challenged. You are correct about one thing however, he is a solid conservative. He's been divorced 3 times, so he's got the whole "values" theme working for him. Also, using all upper case letters in your message doesn't strengthen it. It just makes people think you accidentally hit the caps lock button.

720 days ago

When I write my senator, I want him to respond by saying "I hear what you're saying and although I might not agree, I'll do my duty as your representative and bring your voice to Washington with me". Instead, the replies I get from Norm Coleman are long winded, self promoting responses that highlight his legislature and his leadership. I think he thinks of himself as a leader instead of a representative, that is the Republican way after all. I will say, however, that I do appreciate his anti-war stance as of late. Maybe there's still some Democrat left in him.
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