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1264 days ago

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Holland America Line Inc
300 Elliott Ave W Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 281-3535

I hate to do this... but It needs to be said.

I am an avid cruise fan with over 50 cruises to my name. I have cruised with several well respected cruise lines in my days.

I have also travelled with Holland America on several cruises.

For the most part I am a satisfied customer.

I went to Alaska in Sept 09' I usually spend quite a bit of money, Liquor, Art, and so forth.

On this cruise, I purchased a diamond ID bracelet for myself and a diamond ring for my wife. Upon debarkation, we noticed that there were several stones that were very loose on the bracelet. We have always bought with confidence on our cruises, as their return policies have always made making a purchase easy and stress free... Well, not this time.

We pursued a refund, due to defective merchandise... and Hollland America showed it's true colors. Their customer support division was obnoxious. The woman that handled my call appeared to be trying to be insensitive. I felt very much like I had given them my money, my cruise was over, so go jump in a lake!

This is unacceptable behavior. We are all in this very challenging economic time...every penny counts now more than ever. As a party that has discretionary income to spend, we have a lot of choices out there. This is a time when businesses that cater to people should be offering greater value and service to insure that they will survive with a good reputation. Not the case with Holland America.

My advice would be to think twice before booking with Holland America, and if you decide to cruise with careful on your onboard purchases, as Holland America fails to support their clients post debarkation.

Enjoy your you wallet.

I will never set foot on another cruise with Holland America. I will continue to cruise... but never again with Holland America.

Be aware... You have a choice...spend your money where you will be appreciated and served with respect.

Thanks for reading this feedback... hope it helps someone else from being taken advantage of at sea.

Jason S.
Seattle, WA.

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