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209 days ago

Very perceptive! You must have first hand experience with this group.

209 days ago

Checked out your comment on spiritual manipulation. Very good stuff! The following link is fairly interesting as well. http://thegospelcoalition.org/mobile/article/trevin wax/when-you-should-not-submit

209 days ago

http://freewrittenprophecy.com/?gclid=CMuR6qXIlrUCF cWPPAodHDQAUg

If you click on a link you can get your free prophecy from God, directing your life for 2013.

In addition with 52.00 of seed money you can speak to a prophet for free!

209 days ago

The church website has links to the ministry of Benny Hinn and Kim Clement.

210 days ago

If truth was spoken, this 'church' would be in trouble.

210 days ago

This cult is ran by a egotistical man who seeks to use religion to control his adherents. 'Pastor James Thorsten' has even disregarded the laws of man as he has not reported criminal activity to the proper authority's. Instead, there is a continuous cover up which is aided by the escape from reason that has permeated this congregation.

This church focuses on the outward manifestations of individuals to define their standing before God. There is a constant pressure to conform to the evolving theology of one man. All others must fall in line or be out of Gods will.

This organization has also supported the scandalous television preachers/ prophets that have shamed evangelical Christianity. Benny Hinn, John Bevere, Juanita Bynmun, Kim Clement, Clarice Fluett and Ken Copeland are a few of these heretics.

Timothy tells of the qualifications for church leadership. One important reality is the conduct of a Pastors family. The family of this pastor is not in order and yet he seeks to control the family's of others. This has resulted in broken families, bitterness, divorce and oppression.

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