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1600 days ago

Hi guys, this is probably more of a problem with RateItAll than any malicious act. One known bug is that occasionally, if you copy and paste text with formatting from Microsoft Word, it can break our pages. Per our site rules regarding off topic reviews, we will be removing this review shortly. Irishgit, thanks for your vigilance in keeping RateItAll's templates un-broken, and welcome to any attendees of Remnant Christian Assembly.

1615 days ago

Glad to see everyone is enjoying the relaxed site moderation tools. Happy Holidays!

1646 days ago

Let me know when you have it in a rate-able format and I will unhide it.

1646 days ago

Wiseguy, this list doesn't make any sense. Can you (or somebody else) help him so I don't have to hide it?

1898 days ago

Comment Icon RIAADMINISTRATOR commented on a review of Dogs in Best Pets:
Please. One account only. And please don't keep reposting the same comment. Check out our rules...

1914 days ago

I believe you. This is for the benefit of the folks who are manipulating the button - not you.

1914 days ago

still LJ... it's excessive, don't you think? If you know anything about this, I would suggest you tell the folks involved to please not abuse the system.

1914 days ago

Three helpfuls? Please guys, don't cheat. Check the TOS.

1962 days ago

Administrator's Note: We question the validity of this review, as it came from the IP address of an account associated with Indianapolis Ink.

2068 days ago

Not necessarily... the more eyes the better. It's just that we need to keep the accusations private so not to defame the innocent.
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