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1039 days ago

After being voted Best in The Springs by the Independent I decided to give them a try -what a mistake! I first tried the south location, the wait was very long just wasn't enough doctors to handle the all customers.  After that experience, I decided to give the Abba center off of N. Powers a try, it was smaller and I figured they  wouldn't be as busy, I was right the wait there was OK. What got me though, was the customer service, they were so rude... And it happened on two separate occasions. 
      The first time, I went in there for contacts, I was going on vacation and I needed to get a fresh pair. Being that I am a stay at home mom of 4 very well behaved kids, (I'm not just saying that) ages 10, 7, 3, 2 I had to bring them with me. My kids sat down, quietly, patiently waiting, the 2 younger ones I had in my double stroller just to keep them contained who BTW were also very well behaved. The doctor comes into my room and in a very condescending tone asks  "do you always bring your kids to your doctors appointments". Then when I brought up some issues that I was having with my contacts -they were blurring/fogging up, he said that it was just me, and that it doesn't happen, as if I was lying. I was baffled I couldn't believe a doctor could be so rude, and not address my concerns. So I took my exam and left there with one pair of contacts. I technically had to go back to do a follow up 2 weeks later, but after that experience I avoided that place like the plague. Eventually my 1st pair got old and I had to go back to get more.  I was going to go to a new optometrist all together, but I figured I had already paid for the exam, so I went back... My 2nd bad experience. 
      I get there,  (no kids) explain to the receptionist that I needed to do a follow up exam and order contacts, I'm wearing my glasses because by this time the 1st pair of contacts were no good (about 3 months later). She asks me if I had my contacts with me, and I didn't I had thrown them out. I didn't know I needed them to do the follow up, she explained that to me like I was an idiot. Then she asks me if I'm still using the contacts, in a condescending tone, as if I was so gross. I point out the obvious reason why I'm there;  I'm not wearing contacts, I'm using my glasses, and I'm here because I need more contacts. Then she goes and loudly starts whispering to her coworker that I didn't bring my contacts for the follow up. I go back to the room and the doctor is super nice this time... Begins to try to flatter me by asking  me if I had been there before because if so he would had remembered me... I guess I make a good impression without 4 children. Yeah please no flattery now, jerk!  All in all this place are kid haters. Don't bring your kids there, families stay away, or if your a decent looking woman the receptionists will demean you and the doc will try to flirt with you. I'm a happily married woman, and don't need flattery from a cowboy jerk to make me a happy customer, I need respect and common courtesy! STAY AWAY! 

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