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  • magellan in (Most Offensive Reviewers on RIA)
    Vudija on 05-11-2008, said:
    Honest? yes --- to the point of being downright offensive? Not even close.
  • Butts in (Turn-Ons)
    Vudija on 05-11-2008, said:
    I'm an ass-grabber, so having enough to get my hands on is a plus.
  • Petting in (Turn-Ons)
    Vudija on 05-11-2008, said:
    It's one of our primal senses - who ISN'T turned on by touch? Granted, the degree of ...
  • Feet in (Turn-Ons)
    Vudija on 05-11-2008, said:
    I'm indifferent to feet - no negatives and no positives. Feet are just...there...
  • Youth in (Turn-Ons)
    Vudija on 05-11-2008, said:
    I'm not about to go rob a cradle; but "youth" of mind is ideal. No matter what age a ...

About MystikMadame - Female, 25 and Married (Las Vegas, NV)

I'm pretty opinionated and like myself that way :) I'm married to a great guy who makes everything I do worth it. I have a cat that is way too spoiled and of course its my fault but I love him anyways. I like to talk about all current events because I just really like talking to people. I'm pretty easy going so thats about it until I can think of anything else :)

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Friends, Cooking, Food, CurrentEvents, TV, women, life, sci-fi

Favorite Music & Artists:

Lily Allen, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Fergie, Rihanna, and all country music

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Summer Sisters (Judy Blume), The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingston), Nora Roberts, Fern Michaels, Etc.

Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Stars & Directors:

Nip/Tuck, Big Brother, The 4400, Girls Next Door, Big and Rob, Big Love, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, The Closer, My Name is Earl, Grey's Anatomy, Etc.

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