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1257 days ago

The cartridges they sent out were physically broken, chunks of the cartridge were missing.

Terrible business, horrible customer service, said they talked our receptionist into agreeing to try their product, who has NO authorization to order anything. She said she agreed to accept more info and they sent the ink cartridges anyway.

I spoke with them several times and told them they needed to have someone pick them up and they said they sent our receptionist a label to send back and cannot send another one. And if we did not pay $15 for the shipping then they were sending us to collections.

We never do business with any phone salesmen due to this reason exactly. I would have looked up there business and found all the negative reviews on-line regarding Associated Supply Company and would have NEVER dealt with them. In fact, I found many negative reviews and not 1 was positive, that speaks for its self.


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