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306 days ago

907 days ago

Shouting at the TV? Taka a chill pill.

Dr. Oz

907 days ago


Good comeback. Name calling is about all mh1053 has in his arsenal. Consider being called names in this situation a badge of honor. What he says means "less than zero" to quote Elvis (Costello). To mh1053: Project much? Also, referencing Winston Smith from "1984" is interesting. Orwell was certainly against totalitarianism, but he himself was a democratic socialist. But don't let facts get in your way. Now, repeat after me: "Four legs good, two legs bad". Have a nice day.

907 days ago

EO! Long time no contact! Surely you don't support the tapestry of paranoia above? I give you more credit than that. Actually, I've changed my mind; I hope that they do respond. I don't want to discuss the issues with them. Clearly, that would be pointless. Nonetheless, I could offer them some helpful advice. If they don't respond, I'd be happy to give it to you, if, in fact, you claim to support the screed above. THAT would not be a waste of time. Have a nice day.

909 days ago

You're joking right? Or did you drink the Kool-Aid and go back for more? Please don't bother answering. You're too far gone for me to waste further time or energy dealing with you. It's not a matter of having different opinions. Based on what you've said, we're coming from parallel universes. Have a nice day in your fact-challenged, fear-infested world.

923 days ago

I don't understand what his choice of acting roles, lucrative or otherwise, has to do with his ability as an actor, or lack thereof.

923 days ago

Thanks for the Calvin and Hobbes strip. It was one of the all-time great comics.

930 days ago

Well..let's just say Tom Hulce did the laugh better.

948 days ago

This is a sorry-ass list. Freeloaders come in both sexes. Just one word of qualification for this list would make you, the list's creator, look less pitiful: The word is "some". "Things SOME Women Do that Make Me Angry". Getting back to this listing, I personally don't know any women who fit this description. If this is going on, two people are involved, the freeloader and the "victim". If you see yourself as a perpetual victim, why not write Dr. Phil? Another suggestion: Have you considered the upside of becoming a eunuch?

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960 days ago

"Old Man" appears on Randy Newman's album "Sail Away". It was also covered by Art Garfunkel. The narrator/singer is a son visiting his father, the old man, who is on his deathbed.  We never hear the reaction of the old man, but we are left to imagine it as the son says all the wrong things.  It is the unintentional cruelty of the son that makes it sad.  The son closes with "Don't cry old man don't cry. Everybody dies". During a concert in '76, (It can be heard on Wolfgang's Vault), Newman expressed his own reservations about performing it after it was requested. "This song is very depressing, but this guy requested it."

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