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499 days ago

Haha, if hell exists, you've secured yourself a one way first class ticket to it, Numbah.

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507 days ago

If someone was molesting my child and I caught him, I'd probably bash his head open like a pinata as well.

I agree with the castration. They should cut his dick off without anesthesia and force feed it to him as punishment.

508 days ago

It all depends on whose perspective we're looking at.

During the Cold War, we were the scary Capitalists to the Russians and they were the scary Communists to us.

I'm sure if you asked the right people in the Middle East, we would be labeled terrorists. In the end, the media controls a lot of people's thinking through not only these terms being thrown around, but also through the gross over-representation of one side. Propaganda works.

509 days ago

Please refer to my Jews review in the Danger to America list.

510 days ago

It's fine for those who want to keep in touch with people from the past.

However, it's also a medium for the invasion of privacy. I don't FB friend everyone who contacts me, but others might be inclined to do so on the basis of being polite. This opens one up to vicious stalking by acquaintances and strangers alike. Do you really want some creepy dude you barely know beating off to your pictures?

It's even worse when potential employers ask you to login to your FB and leave the room for 10 minutes. Who knows what they do when that door locks...

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510 days ago

The Brits were also very brave, even though it could be argued that they had the advantage.

It's like the Iraqis and Afghans. Even though I openly despise religion and don't, in any way, condone terrorist actions, I have no problem saying that I think a lot of them are incredibly brave, even if they are technically the enemy.

We're talking about men who live in a harsh land, fighting against one of the most highly trained armies in the world with very limited equipment. These guys have AK-47, some explosives and little training. We have missile drones, tanks, armored humvees, highly trained soldiers with effective body armor, missiles, and all sorts of other technology meant to root out and kill them and yet they still fight to the point where they commit suicide for their cause. That's bad ass as well.

514 days ago

I haven't watched the others, but The Sopranos and Breaking Bad are really good.

Dexter and Game of Thrones are also really good. If you're into Romans and gladiatorial violence, then Spartacus is the show to watch.

514 days ago

Throwing yourself into a relatively disorganized bunch of soldiers to go up against the world's greatest army at that time is pretty bad ass, especially since you're lining up and going toe to toe with muskets.

The idea of doing this for independence and freedom from oppression makes it even better.

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514 days ago

If a sheltered 21 year old who's never had a real drink goes to the bar, then this would probably be the drink he would order.

Even with very cheap rum, this should be the last drink you'd make. I've only had rum and coke when I ran out of other stuff to mix it with. It's a desperation drink.

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514 days ago

Hey, we don't always win, but we're pretty good at invading lands and killing a shit ton of natives.
Just ask someone named Big Bear or Dancing Skies.

We may not have won Vietnam, but we sure killed a lot of people. Those fucking rice farmers didn't stand a chance!

And those goat herders in Afghanistan, you should have seen their faces when they realized that $1 million Tomahawk missile was flying straight at them. Kodak moment!

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