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316 days ago

Comment Icon Lena commented on a review of Innova Evo in Cat Food Brands:
Well, in the case of horses, mixing feed is the norm rather than the exception at pretty much any stable you'll find...particularly when it comes to horses who compete. I don't know if that differs wildly for our carnivorous friends, though :)

322 days ago

Also fantastic, the film entitled The Future.

323 days ago

Guess it's the future.

This film is fantastic.

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432 days ago

Somehow I didn't own a bike while I lived in Missouri. Seems like I should have...certainly fewer hills than SF :)

How are the ponies? Any foals this year?

434 days ago

Sounds like an amazing journey. Did you miss out on anything as a result of the broken motor?

My favorite photo is the one with the tortoise lounging in a puddle just after it started to rain :)

434 days ago

He's one of my faves as well. The actor was also in the Station Agent.

434 days ago

Book 7 isn't even written yet :)

The books are good enough for the genre. You'd probably enjoy them...the characters are more nuanced than they have been in the show so far.

434 days ago

That's rare, isn't it?

I don't actually have TV so we're watching on a friend's hbogo account. Works pretty well...I wish they'd wage war with cable companies already so they can sell episodes or an overall web subscription a la carte.

How are you liking the series?

435 days ago

Game of Thrones is maddeningly unsubtle at times, but better than a typical fantasy film and much better than your average fantasy TV show. Much of this is a direct result of impeccable attention to detail. You won't be jarred by suspiciously clean war banners or characters emerging from battle unscathed and freshly showered. It's embarrassing how often directors get this wrong. The acting is a bit weak, but not enough to actually detract from the experience of watching the show.

The story is interesting though laborious at times. The books are marginally better - mainly because you can skim the boring parts and, of course, imagined settings and characters are more interesting than anything that can be depicted on screen by definition. When the show strays from the books it's never an improvement...this happens most often with female characters in the show who all feel pretty hollow and conventional so far. This is a minor complaint, however, and the issue may resolve itself over time as people die.

Ultimately, Game of Thrones is fun to watch, especially in the company of others who don't take the show too seriously. Not for the faint of heart, by the way...it's obvious that HBO optioned this series partly because it provided many opportunities for gore.

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440 days ago

The first 3 miles beyond the Pacific Grove entrance are complete with breathtaking coastal views and an excellent bike path.

The rest feels voyeuristic and invasive since it turns into a tour past mansions whose homeowners mostly seem desperate to heighten or increase the privacy of their fences. The road becomes narrow and loses the shoulder, but not the abundance of SUVs and tour buses. It felt dangerous by bike.

I recommend checking out the early portion of 17-Mile Drive, but turn around and head back north along the also-very-scenic public coastal road through Pacific Grove to Monterey instead of traveling along the entire 17 miles. Unless you're somehow captivated by real estate and fairways, my suggestion stands whether you travel by car or by bike.

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