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1747 days ago

I had the BEST iPhone 4 purchasing experience. I got my phone the second day, (Friday, after the Thursday release date,) and I didn't have to wait in line at all. I called in on Wednesday afternoon to put myself on the wait-list. A wonderful sales-woman named Ebonee called me on Friday afternoon to let me know to come in. I paid $135 for my iPhone 4 because I traded in my old blackberry and old first generation iPod Touch. If I had traded in an iPhone 3GS, I would have gotten $200 in store credit and could have walked away with the new iPhone 4 and only paid tax. AND, Radio Shack gave me a free $20 accessory gift card. Literally free. I got a free iPhone 4 case. No charge at all, no gimmicks. So I saved about $90 and 3.5 hours of my time by purchasing my iPhone 4 from Radio Shack. And don't believe what people say about Radio Shack associates being rude. All of the associates have been supremely helpful at all of the Radio Shack's I've been to, (but mostly the BU Central Radio Shack and the Harvard Square Radio Shack.) The trade in program is also amazing. Please trade in all of your electronics! You get money for them and you can be environmentally aware.

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