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915 days ago

Not to mention he gave himself enough due in the announcement.

1097 days ago

Original July 7, 2009: It's tough to rank him on an all time list since he has only been a Ranger for half a season, but he's off to a great start. Hamilton is an RBI machine and, what might be more important than anything, his hitting is timely. A lot of his hits and RBIs have come at crucial times, giving the Rangers the lead or the win. He's new here, but I'm sure I'll have to come back eventually and make this 4 a 5.

Edit October 31, 2010: Okay, I think I can justifiably make this a 5 now.

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1439 days ago

Of course it happens, but not all of them are imaginary. There are terrorists out there, they are killing people, and it didn't stem from someone's imagination. On the other side of the coin, Swine Flu rather quickly went from talk of a pandemic to "Eh, just wash your hands."

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1462 days ago

I've seen more than my share of these. From a distance the body looks good and the hair looks great. Up close there is a face only a mother could love. Of course, I say this knowing full well that these ladies might tell the same story about me.

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1465 days ago

I absolutely agree with this. So much so I am going to steal this forum for a moment to write what is essentially a non review, but something that I hope will do some good.

I've been asked to help find a home for a dog in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas. They call him Dan and he is a Great Dane/Rotweiler mix, probably somewhere between 1 and 2 years old. He's a good natured dog, leash trained and house trained, and would best be an inside dog. He has been declawed, nuetered, and is up to date on his shots. I've been told to emphasize HE DOES NOT LIKE CATS. However, there is no indication he wouldn't get along with other dogs.

Dan is at the Horseshoe Bend Animal Control Shelter. They can only keep animals a certain amount of time before they have to be put down and Dan's time is running short. You can email them at [email protected] or call (870) 670-4664. It costs $50 to adopt a dog from this shelter. If you need help you can contact me through this site and I'll pass anything along or do what I can to help.

Horseshoe Bend is about halfway between Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee, so if you know anyone in that area that might be interested, pass this along to them.

You can see pictures and a video of Dan here.


Yes, I'm bumping. Yes, I'm hoping more people see this.

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1507 days ago

This hasn't happened to me in years, back when money was tighter and priorities were different (beer first, then gas). However I was pushing it earlier this year as I was coming back from Lexington, Kentucky. I misjudged how far I had to go to Nashville, and by the time I got there that night I was frighteningly close to E. I was having trouble getting right to take an exit, but finally managed to do so. Just as I was pulling up to the pumps the idiot light came on telling me I was low on fuel. That's as close as I care to come to running out of gas on the freeway in Nashville. Or anywhere else for that matter.

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1507 days ago

Only the truly delusional or uninformed still consider this group bi-partisan or a legitimate non-profit organization. I suppose it's possible they consider themselves bi-partisan because President Obama is both a liberal and a Democrat, but they are anything but bi-partisan in the traditional sense. Of course, they get a pass from the MSM, which has no liberal slant no none whatsoever....

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1507 days ago

I guess everyone believes it will happen sooner or later, and I've never seen the sense in fearing the inevitable. If it should happen in my lifetime I just hope I'm not doing something that sucks, like waiting in line behind someone buying a ton of lottery tickets or rushing to the bathroom.

When the world ends, there will be a lot of questions answered. A lot of people will be proven right, a lot of them proven wrong, and nobody will be left to gloat or make a "Now that the world is over" list.

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1527 days ago

Lena, did I say there were as many single fathers in the country as there were single mothers? No. I said I knew more women that left their children with the father than the other way around. That's me personally. If I say I've met William Shatner it doesn't mean I think everyone has met William Shatner.

Aside from that, I should point out that your numbers also don't tell the whole story. There are several reasons a household might be a single parent household.

1528 days ago

Good thing we we aren't talking about trees then.
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