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I am respectful of other people's views and feelings. I do not "try" to make anyone feel uncomfortable. If I am asked a direct question about religion I give my direct answer, but I am not out to convert anyone to my way of thinking. God does the calling and judging. We are to be a good example. Remember to look up scripture to find answers and ask God to grant you understanding of his truths daily. Listen to what a Pastor/Minister is saying, don't get caught up in the man himself, God does the speaking through scripture and if scripture isn't there, look out.


BibleStudy, Walking, Family, Friendships, Camping, Virginia, Alaska, Daytrips, Get-togethers

Favorite Music & Artists:

David Lynn Jones (he's wonderful), Dolly Parton (Songcatcher CD), Martina McBride, Roseann Cash (The Wheel), Keith Urban, Hal Ketchum, I could go on. I love an assortment of music, not just Christian music.

Favorite Books & Authors:

My favorite books other than the Bible are about Appalachia, American History, etc. Some of my favorite titles are, Widow of the South, a wonderful children's book called Show-Way by Jacqueline Woodson (and I'm not black), In the Fall, All of children's author John Lithgow's books (you really should re-visit children's books as an adult, they can be enlightening,wonderful and most have life lessons to ponder)I have an elementary school child so I read them all the time!

Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Stars & Directors:

Movies: Song Catcher with Adian Quinn,Persuasion with Cerian Heinds, Sommersby with Richard Geer and Jodie Foster, Thelma&Louise;, Gladiator w/Russel Crow, these movies have touched me.

Favorite Web Sites:

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